Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two Minutes for Interference

Have you read/heard this? At a pre-K school in North Carolina, administrators deemed one child's lunch as not meeting state standards in nutrition, so they felt the need to replace it with some super healthy chicken nuggets. The offending meal consisted of a turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, chips and apple juice.

Anyone else hear a collective *gasp* or was it just me? Really? It's not enough that pizza is now considered a vegetable, but now the schools can interfere with the lunch I send with my child to eat? Now, if I was sending Ding Dongs and a Dr. Pepper, I could see the need for someone to give something with nutritional value to my child; this is not the case. However, give it a few months and I'm sure Dr. Pepper will be labeled a fruit. It's made with prunes isn't it? Urban legend be damned.Link

Perhaps this is all just a ploy to earn more money for schools. "You will eat our school-provided-pizza-er-veggie-lunches and pay for them!" Or the governments way of sticking their fingers, once again, into something that doesn't belong to them, but boy do they wish it did. "We can't take care of our country, but we'd love to take over your parenting duties."

In any case, thank goodness the mother wrote to her county representative to complain about the situation and fortunately, the rep sided with her.

Let's hope this intervention isn't a preview of things to come and that it's curbed here and now. Absolutely ridiculous. Dear Government, I award you with a 10 minute game misconduct on top of your 2 minutes for interference penalty.

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