Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If You Give a Mom a Task

Inspired by Marisa's comment to a previous post, I felt the need to write this in the form of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you give a mom a task, like doing the laundry,
She'll start to sort the colors into lights and darks,
Then she'll find a lost toy hiding in the bottom of the hamper.
She will then take the toy to put it in its proper place.

On the way, she'll trip over a wayward shoe.
She'll pick up the shoe and proceed to the closet,
Where all of the clothes have mysteriously leapt off their hangers.
She'll hang up each shirt one by one, smelling them to make sure they're clean.

Then she'll take the dirty ones and sort them with the other "to do" laundry.
After which, she'll head to the laundry room and find last weeks' laundry still in the washer and dryer.
She'll sigh and restart the washer load while emptying the dryer load into a basket.
The basket will make it halfway up to the rooms when the phone will ring.

"What are our weekend plans?" her dear husband will ask.
"Let me check the calendar" she'll say, at which time she'll note the bake sale tomorrow.
She'll hang up the phone and pull out the ingredients for cookies;
Noting that all of the cooking utensils are in the sink from last night's dinner.

She'll then do the dishes and start the dish washer before hearing the bus outside.
She'll quickly throw on a pair of snow boots (though it's July) and dash outside in her lounge pant ensemble.
She'll find out how her child's day was and prepare a snack for them.
They'll chat about the school day activities before settling in to do homework together.

She'll then note the basket of laundry that needs to be folded and take it upstairs.
Before it can get folded and sorted, she'll realize that it's time to get dinner ready and head back downstairs.
While dinner is cooking, she'll empty the dishwasher.

As she sets the table, her dear husband will walk in the front door.
He'll give her a kiss and ask her, "How was your day? What did you do?"
She'll ponder this for a moment before responding with, "Um, laundry?"
Yes, it is a question, due to the fact that since having a family, her memory has gone the way of the dodo.

Once the dishes are cleared, the kitchen cleaned and the kids bathed and put to bed, the lonely basket of laundry will sit on her pillow top mattress, at which time she will get it done just so she can go to bed.

So, if you give a mom a task, it may not get done in a timely manner, but damn it, it will get done.


  1.'re saying it was supposed to happen in a timely fashion?

  2. It totally happened in a timely fashion when you factor in "Mom Time." And since Mom is always right...


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