Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Santa Baby...

There is a possibility I have made a serious mistake. You see, my three year old pointed at the TV the other day, which was playing a caffeinated, sugar-highed commercial for something neon and perky and most likely expensive and said, "Mommy, I want that toy."

Well, I'm not going to buy that toy, so I said, "Christmas is coming someday so why don't you remember it and then you can put it on your list for Santa."

Yeahhh, I'm now thinking that might have been a BIG mistake. Sometimes my three year old is brighter than I am and she wasn't going to fall for that... Remember it and then write it just before Christmas?? Oh no-ho-ho.

The seed for the list was planted and Annelie wanted her list started IMMEDIATELY so she could get a head start on Christmas-wishes-come-true and fill that list with every amazing thing advertised between last month and several months from now. Half a week later, her list for Santa is about three pages long.

I tried putting it up super high so that maybe she'd forget all about it. "Let's just stick it on top of the fridge," I said to my husband, thinking I was being clever.

Nope. That didn't work. Annelie just maneuvered the kitchen chairs wherever the list was, so she could pull it down, grab a crayon, and have me write down everything but the play-kitchen sink.

Sometimes she doesn't remember what her list item is called, so she just has me write "Glittery thing" or "Doll that has a Mommy and wears pink" or "That thing that stretches." But even when she doesn't remember what that toy is called, she never forgets that it was the BEST thing EVER and that she HAS to HAVE it!

At the rate we're going, this list is going to need it's own post code before December even starts.

Mamas, please tell me... what do YOU do when your kids decide that they need EVERYTHING? I am open for your awesome suggestions!



  1. we've fallen on the all time favourite and ever so all encompassing, "We'll have to think about that"

    In our case the Peanut has asked in complete earnestness for a after watching a commercial for a home renovation business during the morning news. This is pretty much well out of our range seeing as we are renting...

    I'm finding that I'm having to explain more and more what commercials are for and why we can't expect to receive everything we see in them.

  2. LOL! My oldest is the best Christmas list-maker ever. She provides catalog numbers and pricing, and even prioritizes her wants. Talk about out of control!

    I told my kids they could put WHATEVER they want on their list but that Santa has the final say. We even tell them that Santa just doesn't make certain things in his toy shop - basically the stuff we can't afford. ;-)

  3. We've had the conversation with Amelia that just because she sees something she likes on TV or at the store doesn't mean she can get it. That said, if you've already dropped the Santa idea, I'd do like Melissa mentioned...tell her our Christmas wish lists are just to give Santa suggestions but that we don't always get everything on the list.

  4. My 5 year old spent 2.5 hours in JUNE writing her 3-page Christmas list and we mailed it to Santa. I never could have gotten her to sit and practice her writing, especially not for that long, so I thought it was a pretty good educational activity. Plus, she was so proud! She was a little worried that Santa wouldn't be able to read it but I assured her that he is very good at reading little kids' letters.

    I also tell my kids (ages 5 & 7) that they can put whatever they want on the list and Santa will choose a couple of things to give them. They are satisfied with that.

  5. Santa's sleigh is only so big. You have to think really hard about what the one thing you want from Santa. If you get more than one thing, his sleigh won't be able to hold someone else's toy and some other child wouldn't be able to have a present from Santa and wouldn't that be really sad.

  6. One Christmas season, we got so tired of hearing the "I Wants" that we banned it from our oldest's vocabulary and explained how Christmas is about giving and if she wanted to talk about toys, she had to say "I'd like to give that to.... whoever". We didn't stop hearing about toys, but it is much more difficult for them to think of giving to others, so it was less frequent, and it just sounded so much more pleasing to the ears than all of the "give me-s"

  7. Ha, you guys are so awesome. I'm loving your suggestions!!

    Tammy - that is hilarious!! My kids are definitely influenced by infomercials! But not as funny as Peanut! :D

    Melissa - that cracks me up that your daughter even includes item numbers from catalogs!!

    Alyssa - yes, I've been trying to lay the whole "Santa doesn't give kids EVERYTHING they want" pretty thick. We'll see how it goes!

    Amy - That is a great idea... maybe I should be sitting my 5yo down for the same - she's been practicing writing, but hasn't attempted a letter yet!

    Maria - Excellent idea... my 3yo will definitely understand Santa not being able to pack everything she wants on his sleigh!

    Andrea - Great idea! I'll definitely emphasize the giving aspect of cook toys and 'wants'!


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