Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Muddy Puddle Weekend

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It rained on Saturday and by Sunday morning, the mud puddles in our backyard were the perfect consistency for dinosaurs, pumpkin carriages and fairy godmothers.

Not to mention perfect for mud cakes and pies, mixed from the top of the backyard fort.

I am all for backyard mud puddles (aka Mother Nature's Play Doh), so when the girls asked if they could get their fingers muddy, I said SURE!

And when they asked if they could get their clothes dirty, I said OKAY!

(because what are play clothes for if not for messy mud puddle play?)

Messy fingers quickly turned into messy, muddy arms and toes.

VERY messy toes...

And eventually turned into messy EVERYTHING, straight through to the underpants.

Time spent playing in the mud: 4 HOURS

Time it took to hose them off and stick them in a warm bubbly tub: 4 minutes.

Nothing beats messy Mother Nature! Or happy, tired kids when playtime is done.

Mamas who fear the messiness of mud - go on and stick your little kiddos in it! Mine had a blast, and hosing them off before toweling them down and bringing them inside kept our carpet clean as they went to the bath!



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  1. I'm not ususally all that paranoid about the kids getting dirty, but you my friend, are braver than I am. I would have freaked at the idea of the kids in that much mud. It sure looked like fun though!!!


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