Monday, September 6, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: When You Want to Care-a-lot, But Can't

You know what I love? All those 80's cartoons, toys and games I enjoyed as a child. What do I love even more? Watching my kids fall in love with those same things. In our house, we're enjoying She-ra, Jem, Alvin & the Chipmunks and Care Bears, and thank goodness that these former VHS classics have been upgraded to DVD. The only problem with going vintage is now it's almost impossible to buy dolls, playsets and action figures without taking a second mortgage out on your house. The fact that my childhood is considered "vintage" is kind of depressing too.

We've been on a huge Care Bear kick lately; watching the original cartoons and movies, playing with the two stuffed bears we have and acting out the girls' favorite scenes. With all of the lame new toys and cartoons out now, it's nice that we can rely somewhat on the cooler classics. Since the girls are having so much fun, I've taken to surfing Ebay (trying to outbid, Alyssa *wink*) and scouring thrift stores looking for some characters and playsets for them to enjoy. Ohmygoodness, reclaiming your childhood is spendy! Makes me wish I'd kept something other than my old Barbie dolls.

The whole thing is a bummer because I'm not a collector and will end up getting rid of them once the girls have found a new favorite, but I can't imagine any parent investing in their kids' toys, knowing how quickly those fickle little minds move on. There should be a discarded toy co-op for vintage toy "emergencies" such as these. I'd buy into that. :o) We'll call it "What's Mine is Yours....Again!" I've got some Barbies to add.


Me Time Follow-up: I think I've decided on a headshot and will be printing and submitting to local agencies this week. Wish me luck!

What will you do this week?


  1. We just bought the girls Top Cat and Inspector Gadget on DVD. Sure hope they like it as much as I used to...

  2. My girl is hooked lately on Care Bears II...the music in that movie is seriously terrible!

    Good luck!

  3. My girls have been watching that one on the Netflix instant queue, Suzanne. I'll admit it, I like the music (hangs head low), it's nostalgic. Especially the closing credits. My husband can't stand it. :oP

  4. Wipe the sweat off your brow Holly, I hate bidding wars on eBay! If it isn't a "Buy It Now" item, I move on :) I won't tell you how many times this weekend we watched The Care Bear Movie...or how many times Amelia said they were coming over to play with her. The only bear I ever had was Birthday Bear and I gave it up eons ago. If I find any good leads, I'll let you know!

  5. Oh yes, and this is on the heels of the My Little Pony kick we've already been on. The Ponies are HUGE on eBay, so it's saved me more than once. I don't care what she says, when Amelia is done with them, I'm holding on to ALL of them for when she has kids...or to maybe sell and put her through college. Merrick has gone crazy for the original Toy Story and some of those original toys are hard to find now too. He wanted Bo Peep and I ended up buying some unused McDonalds Bo Peep toys from someone on eBay!


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