Monday, September 27, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: The Kindergarten 15

It's hard to say "no" to a face like that.

This is the year I finally have a kindergartner. She's almost as excited about it as I am. Almost. I'm pretty darned excited about it. Especially since her younger sister started preschool and I have 4 whole hours to myself each week! I know the mind boggles with what to do with all that "free time."

There have been a few hiccups with the new routines; the bus drops Peri off at 11:25 and Ryah's preschool is over at 11:30, so I've had to find work arounds for being in two places at once. Fortunately, I have great friends that help me out. But for the most part, things have been running smoothly and we've all adjusted. Imagine my surprise when I got a phone message the other day, from Peri's kindergarten teacher...

"Hi Holly, this is Amber X, Peri's teacher, and I just wanted you to know that Peri has been eating breakfast in the cafeteria in the mornings. I only just found out today and when I talked to her about it, she said it was her second breakfast and she was able to tell me what she'd already eaten at home. I thought "Oh no" and I'd better check with you about that. Sorry I didn't catch it sooner, but she's been charging her breakfasts. I'll send her account balance home with her next week."

I didn't know whether to laugh or groan. I mean, it's pretty funny that a 5-year-old can just walk in there, get breakfast and have it added to her non existent account. But I was also a little annoyed that I was footing the bill for such an obvious oversight on the school's part. After I called her teacher back, to let her know that Peri should not be eating at school and that I would pay the balance next week, I was baffled as to how that could even happen. I remember as a kid that you either had to pay cash for your school food or have a prepaid card from your parents, there was no "tab."

So, for the last two weeks, Peri has been running up a cafeteria bill, unbeknownst to me and her teachers. I know she did it because it was there and she saw other kids eating and thought it was okay. But I wonder how long it would have gone on? Maybe until her next well check up visit, when the nurse would inform me that Peri had managed to gain 15 lbs since her last visit and that it's a little excessive. Or those brand new school clothes start fitting a lot snugger than they should.

In any case, there is now such a thing as the Kindergarten 15 and you heard it here first. This will be one of those things I tease her about in the future and we'll just laugh it off, but for now, I have to go pay the bill. Then again, today is her birthday (Happy 6th Birthday Periwinkle!); perhaps we'll just write it off as a gift and not add it to her tab. :oP


  1. That is so cute! Our kids are not allowed inside the school before class unless they are getting breakfast, so my kids don't even know that option exists! Yes, they can have a tab, which is a good thing- it guarantee's that every child gets food!

  2. HA, had I known that dining tabs could be routed your way, I'd be eating out more :) "That's OK, just put it on Holly's tab." I guess that's their way of ensuring little people get fed, but, yeah, someone should have mentioned that! At Amelia's school, since it's private kindergarten, and they don't allow any outside food, all meals are included in what we pay. My problem is the opposite, I pay for the food and am lucky if she eats it. Now that she goes full time, she's learned that she will have to wait a long time if she doesn't eat, so she's gotten better about it.

    Happy Birthday Peri!!!

  3. That is hilarious! Yes, the "tab" theory is used at our school too, but the kids have to use a code to access the account. That is amazing that she was able to do this for 2 weeks before anyone noticed! At least it wasn't a bar tab...which is usually what causes the Freshman 15! LOL
    Have a wonderful birthday Peri!!!!

  4. I think part of the problem lies in the fact that the kids all have to congregate in the cafeteria in the morning then the teachers come down to take them back to the classroom. And since Peri is an all morning eater, and food was available, she thought, "hey, that looks good and they're eating it, me too, me too!" :oP Oh well.

    Yeah, it's a good thing you didn't know Alyssa. The tab has been closed and cashed out. :o)


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