Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Make it: Personalized Towel

My five year old started kindergarten this week (woo hoo!). But to Gracie's dismay, all kindergartners in her school are required to have nap-time in the afternoon.

Sounds good to me - I'd love a required nap - but that little kiddo of mine hasn't napped since she was two and the idea of laying down and resting upset her very much.

To make the transition to her new school-days life sweeter, I made Gracie an extra-special napping towel. We bought the pink towel from the store, and then dug through my fabric scraps to find a fun combination of patterns to go with the pink.

The project itself was quick and easy and required minimal materials. To make one yourself, you'll need:
  • 1 towel
  • enough fabric to cut out letters of child's name
  • thread
  • pins or iron-on fusing web
  • scissors
I free-hand drew the letters, measuring them against each other so they were all the same size.

If you don't feel confident drawing the letters yourself, I suggest opening a Word doc, and sizing letters in whatever font you like, then printing them out to use as a pattern.

To attach the letters to the towel, you can use pins (as I did) or iron-on fusing web, which will keep them from slipping.

Then just zig-zag stitch the edges of the letters.

Yup, it's just that easy.

And look at that smile - Gracie doesn't mind her mandatory nap-time one bit, now that she has a special towel!

A cute and easy project that makes an excellent gift... can't beat that, eh?



  1. Super cute! Great job Marisa! I have 3 towels sitting on my sewing table waiting to be personalized for my kiddos. If only I can get to it!

  2. FUN project. I might have to give it whirl :)

  3. I will be making 2 very soon just because it is a super cute idea!

  4. I HATED naptime, too, when I was in kindergarten. But I would have hated it much less if I had a cool mat like that! I bet all the other kids are jealous of Gracie and her special mat...

    Pssst - I linked to your tutorial over at Craft Gossip Sewing:


  5. Such a great towel!!! Hope she will start love napping at school! here we don't do that at school...
    Sometimes it would be good for the kids....

  6. I monogramed towels for a pool party and all the kids LOVED them. Seeing their initial made their day. Now I am making name towels for all the family for Christmas! Everyone in the family including Grandma and Papa will have their towels!

  7. Just what size towel did you use??? Was it a 30"x58", a beach towel or one of the xtra large bath towels??? This is a really cute idea and I would like to make a few for my grandkids...Thanks

  8. The towel was a large bath towel, I think. I picked it up from Target two years ago. Hope this helps!

  9. Ah, so cute! Best of luck on your little one on her school experience. Thanks a lot for providing these DIY napping towels. Surely, this would help ease the stress of kids especially on their first day of school.

  10. Great idea Marisa, I'm definitely making one.


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