Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Creepy Crawlers and Slimy Things

The other day, my 3-year-old daughter came in from playing in the backyard, washed her hands, and sat up at the kitchen table for lunch. Then she calmly ate her spaghetti as if nothing was amiss. As if there wasn't a family of bugs making a happy little nest in her hair.

Yeah, you read that right. Bugs.

In her hair.

Red beetles.

About six of them.

And, as I hopped around the kitchen frantically screeching for her to GET THOSE BUGS OUTSIDE OF THIS HOUSE RIGHT NOW! she watched me curiously, as if I was insane.

As it turns out, I have the kid that collects all the bugs and snails in the garden and sticks them in her hair. As it also turns out, I am the mom who shrieks and does that EEEEEW, there's a BUG in the house! dance while flailing arms and jumping up and down.

My little kiddo is delighted by all creepy, crawly and slimy things. They are her BFFs. Ordinarily I am okay with that. When they make it into the house... not so okay with it. Because of our daughter's charming little 'sticks bugs in hair' habit, our house is now overflowing with multi-legged crawly things. Which means, my EEEEEW, there's a BUG in the house! dance has been practiced so many times I could probably win So You Think You Can Dance on that performance alone.

I know my daughter is not the only kid in town with a love for all things multi-legged or covered in slime, so I wanted to post a link to last summer's tutorial for an easy summer bug catcher.

I'll definitely be making another one of these this summer.

As well as spending the next few days debugifying my house. And doing the EEEEEEW! dance some more.

Happy Wednesday, folks!



  1. Amelia is fascinated with spiders. She'll act like she's afraid but then I find her getting up close with them. She LOVES snakes and frogs too. Frogs I can live with, but snakes...I keep trying to impress on her that she should NEVER get close to a snake but should let us know if she sees one. She doesn't put bugs in her hair (thank goodness) but she will bring the dead ones she finds to me and hand them to me without telling me what they are. I've gotten dead spiders handed to me that way. ICK. I would have DIED if I saw a snail that big!

  2. That's awesome! My four year old son is obsessed with bugs. He has two bug houses, two butterfly nets, a bug magnifying glass and a bug vacuum. We spend lots of time outside collecting bugs. Luckily he hasn't thought to put them in his hair. Yet.

  3. Haha, Lisa! YET is the key word! :D

    Alyssa, that is sick. I would die if Annelie dropped a dead spider in my hands. EEEEW.

  4. Haha, sorry but I actually laughed out loud at the first EWWWW! I'm allowed to laugh, I have a house-full who do the same thing :)

  5. haha, Danielle, the laughter makes the EEEEEW factor of bugs in the hair definitely livable! :D


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