Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Sprinklers

Today has been one of those completely exhausting days where my eyes have been twitching from kid-whining since I first woke up. So. Instead of a new post, I'm cross-posting this from my personal blog.
Summer is in full swing and in my opinion that means only one thing:


Okay, it means a little more than that, like ice-cream truck ice-cream, barbecues and hawk-like mosquitoes who seem to think I'm part of an all-you-can-eat buffet. But when the sweltering Texas heat melts my skin into a puddle, running through the sprinklers is the only solution to beat the heat that my sun-burned brain can come up with.

The girls, of course, do not object to my cool-down solution. When I was a kid, my brother and I ran through the sprinklers all summer long, but until we moved into our sweet li'l house last October, Gracie and Annelie had only ever lived in apartments, and running through the industrial apartment sprinklers would have brought on crazy-neighbor stares, not to mention full-body bruises from the blast of the water.

These are our very first Hopkins family sprinklers, and running through them for the first time was definitely a monumental occasion. There were no fights to be had, no temper-tantrums, no five-year-old's attitudes, no three-year-old's crankiness, no complaining from anyone... just wild laughing and best-friendness all afternoon.
Amazing how something so simple as water spraying from a hose can be 100% pure magic.

Go on... run through the sprinklers today. You know you want to.

Happy Wednesday, folks!



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