Monday, June 28, 2010

Mama Drama Mondays: Hitched

A few months ago, I was driving Peri to preschool and noticed that the car in front of us belonged to another family in her class.

"Look, Peri, that's Sean's Daddy's car in front of us."
"Yeah, I think that's Sean."
"Oh, I like Sean."
"Is he your friend?"
"Yeah, he's my friend. He's my boyfriend. He's my husband; like Corpse Bride."

I wasn't sure how to respond to that. I was literally speechless. Part of me wanted to just giggle and the other part was a little offended at not being invited to the wedding. Apparently, my 5-year-old had gone and grown up. That's one heck of a preschool! Marriage ceremonies at no extra charge.

Once I got to the school, I asked one of the teachers if Peri and Sean played together a lot. I then told her what Peri had said in the car and we both had a laugh. She said they did play together often and sometimes they would even dance together in class, kind of like square dancing, during song time. It was all just too cute. Sean didn't speak English very well and paired with a not-so-social Peri, they were a match made in shy heaven.

What was funny is that four other kids had paired off into boyfriend/girlfriend couplings also, but that they actually held hands. Peri and Sean were more like inseparable BFFs and I'm not quite sure where the marriage came in, but now that preschool is over, I think the marriage is too. They'll both be starting Kindergarten in different schools, but who knows, maybe their paths will cross again someday. In any event, I certainly wasn't expecting the whole boyfriend/girlfriend situation this early on and I couldn't help but think... "and so it begins."

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  1. So does that mean that he can come over to your house and pitch in on the chores? He IS the husband now after all...hee hee. It's funny, Amelia's BFF, Isabella told me once when I dropped Amelia off that one of the few boys in her class was going to be her husband...because she told him he was going to marry her. Nice not to have a choice :) I think they make a sweet couple...hee hee hee.

  2. oh man, its too late for him to sign a pre-nup now!


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