Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To Take Your Vampire Shoe Shopping

Pssst.  I'll let you in on a little secret....we have a vampire living in our house.  SHH, don't tell anyone!  As you might imagine, even vampires need shoes every now and then.  After all, when you spend an eternity stalking people in the night, your shoes get pretty worn out.  Here are some tips in case you ever find yourself in this situation...

1. Make sure you buckle them up tight.  This is as much for your protection as theirs.  Last thing you need is to get bitten while you drive.  Oh and be sure to keep her cape from getting all bunched up in the seatbelt.

2. Keep a close eye on your vampire while you're in the store.  They've been known to prey on other customers when you're not looking.

3. Be sure to have your vampire try on her shoes.  Proper fit is critical to a vampire's hunting skills and, well, they like to show off their shiny, flashing Ariel sandals.

Follow these steps and you, too, will have a happy, well outfitted vampire...

That Stephenie Meyer thinks she knows about vampires.  PSH!

P.S. Thanks to the people at Chuck E Cheese for offering glow in the dark vampire teeth as a prize.  They were the best 40 tickets ever redeemed.


  1. hahahaha, this is hilarious Alyssa!

  2. I want a vampire in my house! But, maybe one that's male and somewhat closer to me in age!!

  3. Cute post!
    My son has those teeth, and loves wearing them! I don't get it!

  4. Hahahaha! She looks so different with those teeth. I didn't recognize her. What fun.

  5. Oh my, Gracie would be stinkin' jealous if she saw those photos!!

    She's a very cute vampire!!


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