Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fun with Photos - Before and After

I don't have anything to write about today, so when I saw Alyssa's post on her personal blog, about taking a photo and having some fun with it, I thought, "Ooooooh! Me! Me! I want to have fun with a photo, too!"


Here is my original photo. Which is completely hilarious (to me, at least) and shows Gracie's crazy-creative spirit. She decided she wanted to be a bird one day, so she made herself a little beak.

Then I opened up Photoscape, which is the photo-editing software I use (a free internet download - if you don't have a photo-editing software, and want one, just google 'photoscape and you'll find it)...

And the fun began!



The best thing about photo-editing software - the possibilities are endless! And Gracie was delighted with each different copy of her photo that I made.

But I'm mostly delighted that she made herself a green bird beak... because seriously, that is hilariously, creatively genius.

Have a photo you've had fun editing? Be sure to leave the link here, or over at Alyssa's blog!



  1. I love them! Each has their own "coolness" about them, but I think the one with the antique filter is my favorite.

    Just so you know, Amelia saw me looking at them and said "that's my friend Gracie" and wanted to know all about why Gracie wanted to be a bird with a green beak :) Rest assured, the next time they talk on the phone, Gracie will get to explain why she chose a green beak and not a red one, which, according to Amelia, is the color a beak should be!

  2. I have Photoscape too!
    But gosh, I've never done anything like your pictures! How cool.
    She's adorable:)
    I guess I need to mess around on there more; all I do is a general tune-up on the colors, and then most of the time, the film filter Portra.

  3. I just HAD to play along! This pics are adorable, all though I am no where near as good as either of you I like to play around a little (=

    here's my post...let me know what you think!

  4. Ok, so I totally thought that was a goblin nose, being that it's green... Don't tell her I said that though!

  5. Love the photo! What fun.

    Another fun place to edit photos online is

  6. I need to learn how to play like that.. Love taking pictures - now need to learn how to photo shop..

    Love to you
    I've Become My Mother

  7. I'm telling you, our children are twins. Inside. I mean, besides hearts and lungs and junk.

    It makes me wonder, are WE the same? Man, why aren't we neighbors? How do you feel about Colorado?


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