Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Good Days and The Bad Days

Being a mom is rough.

Some days my kids are so exasperating, I can't imagine why I ever thought I would be good at being a mom.

Some days I find that I yell 95% more than I hug.

Some days I mentally calculate how long until Gracie and Annelie start college, and hope they will go out of state, possibly out of the country, so I can finally have some peace and quiet.

And some days, my kids are so darned cute and funny and outstandingly brilliant that the idea of them growing even a day older makes me so sad I just want to cuddle them close and never let them go.

Yesterday was one of those days. One of the better days. One of the days where my kids were so sweet and funny and creative and cute, and I couldn't stop smiling at them and wondering how I could possibly be so lucky that these amazing people are mine, all mine.

It wasn't a day too far out of the ordinary. We went for a walk, we took the city bus to the library, and ate cupcakes at a bakery. We do this sort of thing every week, and find that it is hit or miss. When will Gracie be mean to her sister? When will Annelie have a tired-kid melt down? Will they scream and run around the library, causing annoyed and embarrassing stares from everyone around us? When will Annelie shove Gracie's cupcake in her mouth when Gracie isn't looking, resulting in the worst fit the bakery has ever seen a kid pitch?

You just never know with kids, do you?

But yesterday, none of that happened. It was all laughter and smiles, kids saying please and thank you and me thinking, "Wow, my hard work is finally beginning to pay off!"

Its funny how there can be days and days of rotten awfulness, but one perfectly wonderful day takes all of those bad feelings away and reminds us just how wonderful being a mom can be.



  1. It is nice to hear that other mothers feel the same!

  2. I know I find myself getting flustered by all the frustrating little things...and then one little smile and a "thank you" or just 15 minutes where the two kids are getting along nicely makes me wonder why I ever get so upset. Don't you just wish you could box up those good days and open them up whenever you need them?

  3. VERY NICE BLOG! I hear ya on this one!

  4. Our kids have the same shoes. I'm pretty sure that makes us geniusy. And frugal. Also, I wish I had more days like your day.

  5. Nicole - We moms gotta stick together!

    Alyssa - Thats why I take photos on only the good days :) That's my way of bottling them up

    Steam - THANKS! :D

    Kears - Frugal shoes! Why pay more than $12 on something they are going to stomp through puddles in, and grow out of in only weeks?

  6. Ain't that the truth! You win some and you loose some. What a precious picture of your girls!

  7. And me calling was just icing on your fabulous day right? Right? :oP

    Those good days definitely make it worth it. I'm with you though, and would prefer to not have to suffer through several bad before one good one.

  8. im new to "being a mommy" and your blog is so refreshing. loved this post. it's a train ride but a fun train ride overall. :)

  9. Those days, no matter how few and far between, make ALL the bad days totally worth it!

  10. Wow, you said exactly how I feel about being a mom so perfectly. You're really good at that. In other news, I'm now craving hot dogs, orange peanut butter crackers, and pretzels.

  11. being a mommy has it's up's and down's and it's the greatest roller coaster ride in the world!

    found you on etsy;s forums

  12. Even when they are 'all grown up' you still have wondeful 'mommie days' as well as remembering the ones that are in the past♥

  13. This is a cute blog! Love the picture. I have two girls that are teens, and it's such a crazy ride. Enjoy it, it goes fast!

  14. oh marisa, i cried as i read that...because i know exactly what you mean! you have read enough blog posts involving my boys to know what chaos they can conjure up...but at the same time, they are oh so cute and sweet! the photo of your girls is absolutely beautiful xxx

  15. The angel days give me warm fuzzies and the devil days make me wanna run away from home, except I have too much craft stuff to haul around :)!


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