Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ew. That's Disgusting

"Ew. That's disgusting." Or, as Annelie used to say, "Ew. Zass zis-zusting."

That was one of the most frequently heard phrases around our house back when Gracie and Annelie were a year younger and still getting shouted at for experimenting with what NOT to say at the dinner table.

But I can't help thinking it every time I see, smell or taste something sooooo zis-zusting.

Take Marmite for example. All I have to do is unscrew the lid and take the tiniest of whiffs and my eyes start to water and my nose burns. Marmite - Ew. That's disgusting. Even the label says its horrid. What kind of advertising is that?

Gracie agrees with me. How can anyone like the stuff? The label is correct - it's HORRID!

Annelie, however, requests the sticky brown yeast extract on buttered toast for breakfast. Every. Day.

She loves it. She thinks it is delicious. She has even been caught sneaking finger-fulls of the the revolting mess when she thinks no one is looking. It is MIND BOGGLING, I tell ya.

Who is this child I used to know so well? How can she possibly eat something so zis-zusting?

Where did I go wrong as I passed my genes to my darling offspring?

Ohhh... that's right. My husband.

She takes after my husband. Will loves the gnarly brown glop. Put it on buttered toast and he's the happiest guy in town.

One mystery solved. The other - how anyone, let alone my husband and daughter, can stomach the stuff - will probably remain a mystery for all eternity.

This Marmite advert sums up my feelings about Marmite perfectly (my feelings are depicted in the character of the baby). Its sums up Annelie's feelings perfectly, too (her feelings are depicted in the character of the mother).

Tell me, mamas... are there foods that your kids gobble up that make you wonder if there is something wrong with your DNA because it is so darned disgusting? Please don't tell me I'm the only one...



  1. Hahaahahah! That video. What genius advertising.

    Also, I remember as a kid gnawing on the nasty fat that was cut off of steaks. And that weird square gloppy thing that came in the can of baked beans. Also, it's no wonder i have high blood pressure now.

  2. My brothers girlfriend came back from Australia not to long ago and brought back some of this stuff.

    While my entire family was around the house (and I have a BIG family!) They all made me try it and all told me how good and delicious it was (only later did I find out that they were all joking!!)

    Yeah ... that crap is utterly disgusting! Needless to say I spit it out pretty much immediently, after gagging on it.

  3. *SCREAMS!* OMG! What a hilarious video! Okay, I *still* don't really understand what Marmite is exactly. I'm off to do some research.

  4. ROFL!!! Mamas watch what you eat or your nursling WILL give it back!

  5. I love marmite on buttered toast! or even better : marmite on buttered toast with cheese grated over it and put in the oven for a few minutes to melt it all.

    om nom nom

  6. I haven't tried Marmite and now I don't want to.

    What a hilarious video!

  7. oh my. i must admit i've never heard of marmite. i can't say my girls love anything that disgusting. though they think it's disgusting then i tell them i used to put ketchup on my mac and cheese when i was a kid.

  8. I have NO idea what Marmite is, but that commercial is hilarious!

  9. The most disgusting thing is Madilynn used to dip grapes in ketchup.

    I've had first hand experience (in the Hopkins household) and can attest to the revoltingness of marmite. BARF!

  10. HA haaaaa ha! That was funny! Gosh... I actually remember those days, that's exactly what it feels like when they spit up too. Sigh, those days go by to fast... Marmite...I may try it... once. ;)

  11. I've never heard of Marmite. Where do you get it? Not that I plan to buy any. Sounds pretty icky. Wouldn't it be funny if you emptied out the container and replaced it with Nutella? Love the commercial.

  12. I adore Marmite! After so many years of hearing about how awful it was, I finally works up the nerve to try it, and I can't believe I lived so long without it. It really is a revelation. For those who do not know what it is, it's a condiment that's made from the yeast leftover from brewing beer. It's dark brown, glossy, sticky, and salty. The closest thing I can think of in taste is soy sauce, except Marmite has a slight bitterness to it. Do yourself a favour, and try it; if you hate it, send me the rest! :D


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