Friday, April 30, 2010

Boys, Guys, Girls, and Olds

Actual Conversation with a 3 Year Old

Mom - Hey Gage, do you know the difference between girls and boys?
Gage - Yup. Momma is a girl.

Mom - Is Daddy a boy?
Gage - No

Mom - What do you mean no? Sure Dad is a boy.
Gage - No. Dad is a guy, not a boy.

Mom - *Lots and Lots of snickering*

Mom - What about the rest of your family buddy, what are they?
Gage - My unkies are boys and Grammy is a girl and Pappy is a boy

Mom - What about your Grandma Debba, whats she?
Gage - She's a girl

Mom - And Great Grandma Bubba, what is she?
Gage - She's an old.


  1. So how long before you stopped laughing? That's so classic. My BIL convinced my nephew that my mom was 120 years old (or some big number like that) and one day, when he was about 4 and hanging out with my mom, he told her "Badhi (that's what he's been calling her since he was about 2), you are really old"

  2. That is so cute lmao children can be so literal.. any who im your newest follower form Mommy Blogger Directory. check me out at

  3. hahaa, that is so cute. I hope I'm not considered an 'old' for a LONG time. Though, I already kind of do feel like an old...


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