Friday, April 16, 2010

Answer the Phone

Wednesday evening, just as I was sitting down to dinner with my family on homemade pizza night my phone rang. I have one of those fancy cell phones that announces who it is before the phone starts ringing, so when I heard "Call from Mom and Dad" I knew that was really no hurry to jump up and answer the phone. I was hungry and wanted to eat with my family, and as far as I was concerned the phone call could wait until after dinner because chances were that is was just my mom calling to check in and chat for a little bit as she usually does.

I almost didn't answer the phone. I almost left that phone call to wait until I was ready for it.
I almost put myself and my needs first, before that of my families.

Thankfully I did not and something told me to answer the phone.

It wasn't my mom wanting to chat. It wasn't one of my brothers asking for help with school work or to see if they could come over. It was my dad who called to inform me that my mom, whom is only in her mid-forties, had a massive heart attack and was in the hospital having just gotten out of surgery.

I almost didn't answer the phone, and that will eat away at me for a very long time.

I think that maybe, even as adults, we so often take our mothers for granted and just assume that they will always be there.

My mom is starting to get better, but has a long road ahead of her and multiple surgeries that she will be going through in the near future. But you can bet your life that I'll be picking up the phone when a loved one calls me, because life is too short not to.


  1. I've been thinking about you Amanda. I didn't want to say this before, since I didn't want you to think this way about it, but your recount gives me chills. I had the exact same scenario almost 11 years ago with my dad. Sadly my story didn't end so well. I have all of you and your mom in my thoughts and I pray that she's better and back on her feet very soon!

  2. praying that your mom recovers well! About ten years ago, my mother in law had a stroke and called us on our house phone that didn't have caller ID and we thought it was teenagers doing a prank. Her speech was slurred and totally unrecognizable. She called again and we still didn't know it was her until after hanging up and my husband dialed *69 and we realized it was her phone # and called an ambulance. Thank God she made a full recovery, but that phone call haunted us, especially my husband for a long time. Hope all goes well for your mom too!

  3. Oh Amanda!! HUGS to all of you! And I'll send all of my positive vibes your mom's way as she goes through her surgeries and recovers!

  4. I hope your mom recovers well, I am so sorry, you and your mother are in my thoughts. I am pretty much known for not answering my phone... ever. I will have to reconsider this.

  5. Huge HUGS!! Sending lots of prayers your way.

    Glad to hear your mom is doing a bit better.


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