Tuesday, March 16, 2010

When Sarcasm Bites You In the Butt

It seemed like a pretty funny shirt when we bought it...and SO true (har, har).  The first time SweetPea wore it, she, naturally, asked what it said.  When we read it to her, she giggled and said to me " Mommy, you know EVERYTHING!" to which I answered "That's right Sweetie."  After all, whenever something is missing in the house, who does everyone come to first to ask where it might be?  Me, of course.  Or, when SweetPea wants to tell Daddy all about a movie or show she saw and can't remember a character's name, who better to ask than Encyclopedia Mommica?  OK, so maybe I don't know everything (yeah, even I can admit that), but I do get asked a lot of questions and everyone seems to assume I'll always have an answer.  Every time SweetPea puts the shirt on, we all have a little laugh when she says with a big grin, "Mommy knows EVERYTHING."  Little did I know...

A few weeks ago, the kids and I were piled into the car, off to run some errand.  SweetPea was chattering on about one of her new, favorite movies, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs", when she suddenly asks "Mommy, what's Flint Lockwood's daddy's name?" Um...uh...hmm.  Honestly, as many times as she's watched it, I have to admit, I'd only half watched the movie and I had absolutely NO idea what the guy's name was.  So this is how it went down...

Me: "Sweetie, I don't know what Flint's daddy's name is"

SweetPea: "You know Mommy!"

Me: "No, really, I don't remember what his name is, Sweetie."

SweetPea: (distraught) "But you DO know Mommy.  You know everything!"

OK, wow, I didn't see that one coming.  The conversation ended with her in tears, chanting to me softly, "but Mommy, you know everything!" and with me trying desperately to explain that, in fact, no one knows everything and that sometimes even Mommy needs to look things up to find an answer.  And yes, when we got home, I had to run to the computer and search the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com) to find out what Flint's daddy's name was.


  1. Uh oh...now she knows you DON'T know everything. How you gonna get your credibility back?

  2. Peri watched that movie a half dozen times too, and I also only half paid attention, so wouldn't have known the answer either. I probably would have just said his name was Dad. :oP
    I think I need to make that same note though about sarcasm. Don't know why, but my kids haven't picked up on it yet.

  3. hilarious.... i love it... i have had this sort of thing happen many times ha ha LOVE YOUR POSTS

  4. Oh, how I can relate!! Great post and I want one of those Tee's..even if it's not entirely true ;)

  5. Even though my kids are grown, they ALWAYS ask where things are!! And every time my hubby puts something SOMEWHERE SAFE- I get accused of moving it or have to find it! These funny things sure are universal!

  6. Hahaha, actually, I STILL think you know everything. You're genius, thats why.

    But I made sure my kids were under no illusion of how much I know... my brain deflated years ago, and instead of answering intelligently, I'm usually heard saying, "I don't KNOW, so STOP asking!!!"

  7. Nice guilt trip she put on you....hee hee. Oh come, on dude....you DO know everything! See, it's all opposite in my house. Kendyl doesn't ask me a whole lot of questions. I'm usually asking Kendyl who or what something is. Take Yo Gabba Gabba for instance; I don't know who the crap those furry things are so I'm always asking her.

    For weeks, she would ask me "Do you have a cousin named Pablo?"...and then giggle. I laughed every time, never knowing what she was talking about but I discovered the answer one day when we watched Dora. That's only one of many things she comes up with where I have no idea who or what she's talking about. There is NOTHING, she doesn't retain and it's downright scary considering I retain nothing. She speaks with an English accent at times and pretends to be royalty. I actually think she's smarter than me.

    Anyway....sarcasm or not, you will always be her Encyclopedia Mommica (that was funny).


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