Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Nightmare Before...Easter?

Artwork by SweetPea

Yesterday, while the kids were at school, I stopped by Michaels to buy SweetPea some fun, foamy Easter stickers.  As soon as we got home, she ran inside, grabbed a blank sheet of paper, sat down on a stool at the island in our kitchen and got to work.  Five minutes into her creating, I walked through the kitchen to get at drink...

Me: "Very nice, Sweetie, what picture are you making?"

SweetPea: "I'm making the Easter Bunny's graveyard!"

Hit stop.  Rewind.

Me: (Turns around and walks back to the island) "The Easter Bunny's...graveyard?"

SweetPea: "Yes, he's hiding eggs for his duck friends like he did for us at Easter."

Me: "Oh, you mean the BACKyard."

SweetPea: "The boy on Scooby Doo had a graveyard in his backyard."

Me: "Sweetie, I'm pretty sure the Easter Bunny doesn't have one in his backyard."

A tiny voice in my head screams "RUN before she asks you what a graveyard is!"

Sweetpea: "Mommy?"

Me: (braces self for "the question") "Yes, Sweetie?"

SweetPea: "Can I have a peanut butter sandwich?"

PHEW, I dodged that one!  Happy Easter, Happy Spring, and the next time you go by a graveyard, keep your eyes out for some pretty, colored Easter eggs.


  1. too cute! My kids say the craziest things too! The other day she was talking about Vampires and a red apple. we figured out later that someone was telling her about twilight! AHHH!


  2. Too cute. Kids say the craziest things. Enjoy your egg filled graveyard! :o)

  3. Oh my, you dodged that one! Too cute though! LOL

  4. Um. Shoot. Was I not supposed to explain what a graveyard is to Gracie? Um.. cuz I did. She's morbidly fascinated, but I figured since she's quirky anyway, perhaps telling her wouldn't be a big deal. Crap. I've ruined my kid, haven't I?

    but in all honesty, I have never seen a graveyard as cool as the Easter Bunny's on her picture!


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