Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How I Love Thee.......

Oh Mr. Airplane, you're my best friend! So many other toys have come and gone, but we played for three days solid! Playtime has never been the same.

I found you on the counter the other day and for some reason, Mommy called you a chip clip, but you and I know better, Mr. Airplane, don't we? Silly Mommy. All airplanes have teeth and can talk. We have the best conversations.

"Hewo Mr. Airpwane."
"Hewo Ryah Puddin' Piya."
"Wanna eat my finger?"
{munching sounds} "Mmmm, that's tasty."
{Laughs} "Aw, you so cute Mr. Airpwane."
"Yes, I am so cute."

Indeed, we have so much fun and like to do everything together. If I had my way, we'd even get to sleep in the same bed, but Mommy is no fun and won't let us. At least we get to watch our favorite movies together...

I always make sure you can see too...

We even like to spend time in the princess castle together...

I'm the princess and you're my airplane in shining plastic who likes to eat my fingers. So fun!

Yes, some may not understand the bond we share, but you and I know we have something special, Mr. Airplane. You're my favorite toy so you need to remember to be good, and not eat the walls and get sent to timeout. Mommy doesn't like it when you eat the walls, but I may have had something to do with that, so I'm sorry I got you put into timeout. But don't worry, once you get out, I have all kinds of fun things planned! And we'll make sure to keep you on a strict fingers only diet. Kisses! See you soon!


  1. OMG, Holly, you kill me. I nearly wet myself with laughter. I wanna Mr. Airplane, too! That is love!

  2. Hilarious! My clips always seem to disappear too...

  3. I loved this post! So cute and funny. The pictures are great.

  4. ADORABLE, Not only the story but the pictures are pricless! Isn't funny how children love the most random (non-toy) items? LOL

  5. NICE!! I never knew their eyes were on that side of their... um... head?

  6. Oh Natalie, you have so much to learn about chip clips, er, airplanes. :oP

    No joke, she had to take him with her when we went to pick up Peri from preschool today. Um, yes, my child is carrying a chip clip with her, what of it?!


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