Friday, March 19, 2010

A House is Not a Home

The other day after a good thorough Spring cleaning which involved a lot of dusting off and arranging of family pictures and assorted trinkets and bits and pieces that we've all collected over the years, I commented to Mr. Oh Mandie saying that we had really turned our house into a home.

Gage, being the inquisitive and bright three year old that he is was quick to correct me saying that a house and a home are the same thing. Being so small and just beginning to expand his vocabulary I understand his logic, but as I sat down my child I explained to him that houses have doors, windows, different rooms, ceilings, and floors. Homes have photographs, memories, happiness, and stories.

The house we lived in before this one was small, having only two bedrooms, a room so tiny that it could be used as an office but we made due with turning into a nursery, and an breakfast nook - no dining room. But it was that small little house that our family grew complete in.

It was the house that we brought our last member of the family, baby Gage, home to.
It was the house that where Brayden started school from, waiting at the bottom of the driveway each morning and afternoon for the school bus to arrive.
It was that house where we truly made our first home

Our family has been so lucky over the past few months, having the opportunity to move into our current house which is easily twice the size of our previous one. We've already made so many memories here, running through the fields and jumping in the autumn leaves, birthday parties and holidays, skipping stones in the lake or wading in the creek.

A home is so much more than just a house. It's a haven, a time capsule, a place to laugh and cry, and a place to cherish and call your own.


  1. We've been in our current house since Jim and I have been married, and I still don't have pictures hanging on the walls. In fact, most of them are still on my computer or in folders. So sad really. I even have frames for them.
    I think it might be time to de-clutter and start making this house a home. :o)

  2. so true - loved this post! we sold our home and are living in my parent's house/home...can't wait to build our new house and make it a home :)


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