Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hmm...That Doesn't Go There

As a parent, you should know something's up when you're sitting at the dinner table, one of your kids is giggling like crazy and has a finger up his or her nose.  The other night, it happened to us.  As you can see from this picture, whatever was going on was making Lil Buddy smile.  For my part, I wouldn't have guessed anything was wrong...well... other than the fact that he had his finger in his nose at the dinner table.  It was Dad who caught the whole scene...

The Man: (laughing) "What did you put in your nose?"

Lil Buddy: "Giggle, giggle, giggle"

The Man: "Did you put rice in your nose?"

Lil Buddy: "Riiiiccee.  Nose. Giggle, giggle, giggle"

The Man holds Lil Buddy's head back.  Oh no, it's not just rice up there, it's the pilaf that was in with the rice.  A nice, big piece too.

We weren't quit sure how long it was going to take to work itself out, but while he was getting a bath, a bit of water got up his nose and he sneezed it out.  Yep...a nice big, gooey, boogy covered piece of pilaf. MMMM.

This is a first for us.  SweetPea has done some questionable things in her four years of life, but never has she put things up her nose (other than just her finger that is...come on, she is a kid.)  I have no idea what motivated Lil Buddy to do it, but I sure hope it ends with that piece of rice.  I really don't want to find myself dragging him into the ER to have some toy or other larger piece of food out of there!


  1. When I was about three, I stuck a button up my nose and my mom could NOT get it out. She took me to the emergency room. By the time the doctor saw me, it was gone. She thinks that I sneezed it out while she was loading the car. Yep! Just another fun trip to the ER for nothing. At least, you didn't have to go to the ER.

  2. Hahaha, hopeful it won't come to an ER visit. So far we have gotten lucky with Em. Nothing up the nose...yet. ;0)

  3. Hahaha, we've had all sorts of things shoved up nostrils in our house. Lots of beads... those really suck to remove. Stinkin' Annelie and her nostril obsession...

    Glad your boogie covered pilaf came out :D

  4. McD' french fry. He finally sneezed it out a couple days later. YUCK!!!

  5. Kids are so odd, and um, gross. Fortunately, haven't had to deal with things stuck in the nose (other than fingers) yet. Reminds me of the House episode where this little boy was constantly admitted to the clinic for sticking things in his nose. Turns out each thing he stuck in there was going in to save the other thing (ie, the firetruck went in after the fireman). Thank goodness nothing was going after the pilaf!


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