Friday, February 26, 2010

Actual Conversation

Me: Umm, Gage were you eating crayons?
Gage: No mama, I was coloring with the crayons in my Curious George book.
Me: Are you sure you didn't take just one bite of a crayon?
Gage: No! I was just coloring.

Me: You didn't even put one into your mouth? Maybe the orange one?
Gage: Nope.

My kids are little liars.
If there is a way that they can get out of being in trouble for doing something that they know is wrong they do exactly what their instincts tell them to do: lie through their orange colored teeth.

I swear it my boys live in an alternate reality were it's a-ok to throw toys across the house and often at each other, jump off of the sofa onto piles of pillows and blankets, and apparently eat crayons. Unfortunately telling them no isn't really pleading my case anymore and the punishments I dish out don't seem to be working.

I could send them to their bedroom ... which is filled with toys
I could take away the tv and video games ... but that would just leave them to pout and whine and annoy the crap out of me.
I could go the time out route ... which totally doesn't faze my kids in the least.
Perhaps its time that I get creative.


  1. Maybe he didn't eat it. Maybe it jumped up and colored his face while he wasn't looking :) Amelia has just hit the point where she's telling fibs. Mostly it has to do with whether or not she's flushed the potty after she's used it. At least half the time she's telling the truth. The other half, someone who goes into the bathroom after her gets to see if it was #1 or #2. ICK!

  2. OMG so are mine. Usually my 4 years old with say her one year old sister did it! Um ya sure! Or the dog or the neighbor... LMAO

  3. LOL, yeah, definitely get creative. If anything, it's great for kicks and giggles; and blog posts too! I'm tellin' ya, the sign worked. :o)

  4. i have 3 boys! i hear you - totally!!! and i sympathise lol

  5. We would pretend to call the police and ask if they should be taken away to jail on the truly unruly days. The pretend call usually usually involved some serious guilt about a few 'big fibs' that had taken place, and lots of 'oh, yes, she HAS done that' and 'oh, no, I don't think she'll ever do that kind of thing again.'
    Big wide eyes and apologies tended to follow, even when we would agree with the 'police man' on the phone that maybe a lie wasn't a good choice,and that maybe having to go to jail wasn't what they needed, but he said to call him back if you chose to continue that behavior.

    Of course, mine are now 7 and 8, and it no longer works. For a few years though, it was helpful!


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