Sunday, January 31, 2010

Road Trip Sing Along

I used to listen to music everywhere I went while I was driving. Sometimes the radio or more often than not some crazy cd that I made on my computer, because I am not one of tech savvy moms that owns an ipod or some other fancy mp3 playing things. Yeah that's right, I still burn cd's.

While I was riding along in my Jeep running my errands the sweet sounds of some of my favorite music would always being flowing out my speakers, relaxing me or pumping me up depending on what I was listening to, and generally making whatever it was I was out driving around the do that much more enjoyable.

And then I had kids.

Nowadays my listening choices are usually the peppy happy sounds of the closing song from Thomas the Tank Engine or Yo Gabba Gabba's "There's A Party In My Tummy", played on repeat for Gage, or the sweet sounds of the Jonas Brothers that Brayden and his seven year old self has found to be so fantastic.

Gone are the days of driving along in my Jeep jamming to Led Zeppelin.

So now when we are all piled in the car bright and early I find myself "E I E I Ohhh"ing and getting just as into it as my kids do. Yeah that's right, I sing along. I'm sure why, and I'd like to claim that its for lack of a better song variety nowadays, but something about those overly annoying children's tunes is in fact catchy. And heck, its more important to enjoy those small moments with my kids than it is the rebel against the lack of good music coming from my vehicles speakers.

And anyways, thanks to Nick Jr (or Noggin, or whatever you want to call that channel) the boys have found themselves enamoured with Bob Marley, so I can always put on Three Little Birds and everyone ones.

So moms, what do your kids listen to in the car?


  1. OMG, you are so much nicer to your kids than me... we still crank up the Led Zeppelin... and Gracie and Annelie love to sing along with Ella Fitzgerald, shout along with James Brown, and croon with Elvis during our car rides.

  2. We listen to just about everything really. I did buy her some cd's for Christmas with nothing but kids songs. So far, so good! When Dave and I took her to the Fire and Ice fest in Somerset, it was a life saver! However, we sing to all that stuff with or without the music the house, at the store, in the get the idea! lol So, I feel your pain, but I also totally agree...I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  3. We try to strike a fair balance :) Thanks to me, Amelia LOVES the Phantom of the Opera and Jekyll and Hyde soundtracks...and thanks to her, I get to listen to Disney Princess Songs (little secret...I already loved to sing along to them....SHHHH!), Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush, The Imagination Movers theme song and the Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer soundtrack (we've been listening to it since Christmas 2008!)


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