Friday, January 8, 2010

Its Going to be a Long 7 Months

(this picture was taken during my last pregnancy, in December 2008)

Remember your first pregnancy? How you could freely take naps in the afternoon? You could ban entire food groups from the house until your morning sickness had completely passed? You wondered "how on earth could women with more than one child do this?"...

Being pregnant and chasing after 2 kids at the same time, sucks. There is no candy coating the situation. Even with my last pregnancy, while I had a 2 year old to supervise/raise, it was easier. I could nap on the couch while she watched Yo Gabba Gabba. I'd trained her to do things in a fashion that supported my lazy lifestyle.

Well those days are long gone.

Not only do I have 2 kids to take care of this time around, but one of them is still a baby. Turning one year old only a week ago, he doesn't understand any bit of "Mommy is tired", nor would he care if he did. To make things worse, when my nausea is kicked into high gear, he lets loose on his diaper, and I swear to God he laughs about it after I've run out of the room holding my breath praying that I'll make it to the bathroom in time. This morning when the kids woke me up, Charlie in his room crying because "
waaaaah, I'm in my bedroom all alone, the world is ending, waaaaah", and Eleanore jumping up and down on her bed singing songs about "its a beautiful day, to laugh, and play! Its a beautiful day, to LAUGH and PLAAAAY!", I had to carry the baby down the stairs. Carrying 27 pounds of curious leaning-over-as-far-as-he-possibly-can-to-see-down-the-stairs-baby, is not a nice way to start the morning. Not only could I have slept for an additional 20 hours, but upon waking, my stomach feels like its twisted completely inside out, and what is that horrible taste in my mouth anyways?!

Yesterday Eleanore and I made cookies for her Daddy, who was starting a new class at work. Normally, I'd eat at least 5 cookies worth of dough, and then equal or more than that after they came out of the oven. But no, all I could think of the entire time, was chicken ceasar salad. To try and show my body who was boss, I took a bite of cookie anyways. BAD IDEA. Can you guess what happened next? It wasn't pretty.

My parents got Eleanore the movie "A Little Princess" for Christmas. I loved that movie when I was little, which is why my dad picked it out for her. Yesterday I got out blankets and asked Eleanore to snuggle up with me on the couch while we watched it. A few minutes into it, she had kicked the blanket off, because it wasn't the blanket she wanted, and then a few minutes after that, had wandered off to play with toys. There I was, crying at the not-even-sad-yet parts, smothering myself in abandoned blanket. I asked my husband to come watch it with me next, since I was apparently watching it alone now, and after a few minutes of sitting at my feet, he wandered off to look up football crap on the computer. It doesn't matter that hes watched every game in existence, and every post game wrap up on every sports channel that our cable programming will let him see, he just couldn't sit with me for even 10 minutes to help me calm down, could he? Eleanore saw that I was sad, and brought me pony friends to keep me company
(thank you Eleanore, I wish it was you cuddling me, but a big talking pony will have to do), and when the movie was over, she yelled at Daddy "why didn't you watch the movie with Mommy?", after I had stormed upstairs to cry in the comforts of my flannel sheets. "You didn't watch it with me either, Eleanore!", I would have answered had I been able to breathe through my sobbing tears.

And then a 2 hour nap later
(ok, so even though he didn't watch the cry baby little girl movie with me, having Christopher home a couple hours early seemed to work out to my advantage after all), I was back to normal. No more crazy lady mood swings, no more chocolate chip cookie standoffs, I was better!

...until a half hour later when I got a wiff of dirty diaper. Dangit! Its going to be a long 7 months.


  1. I really wanted to read this entry however the type is so tiny, it is hurting my eyes.

  2. aww poor thing. I hope things get easier. What a absolutely lovely picture :)

  3. And thank you RecoveryBabe, I really like that picture too. I need to print it out and have it hanging somewhere. I don't enough pictures from my "just Elie" days.

  4. Awwwww! I feel your pain!! After two pregnancies just like yours, I just can't do it again. Any more kids we have from here on out will be adopted!! You deserve a trophy!!

  5. I so totally cannot imagine doing pregnancy again...especially with a 2 and 4 year old around. When I was pregnant with Merrick, we moved to TX...and into a much warmer winter, which meant Amelia wanted me climbing up the playground set down the street from the TWO STORY house we were renting (in Boston we lived in an apartment...with an elevator!)...which meant I had to help her climb it to the top of the down to catch her at the bottom...then do it again and again...all while in my third trimester.

    My BIL and his wife came to town recently with their 11 month old daughter...and they all thought it was funny to tell Amelia to tell me how much she REALLY wanted a baby sister. And I got to explain how that SOOOO is not happening.

  6. It might suck now, but I bet once you have that little one Eleanore will end up being a big help and an awesome experienced big sister and Charlie will be able to keep the new baby company :) Im the oldest of 4, and all of my brothers are significantly younger trhan I am, and I speak from experience, it gets easier :)


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