Monday, January 25, 2010

Don't Know Whatcha Got 'Til it's Gone

And now that song will be stuck in your head too. :oP

As I was puttering around in the kitchen the other day (which I shouldn't do because inevitably I gain 5 lbs) I nearly slipped in a pool of water on the floor. This pool of water was in front of my dishwasher. My dishwasher that was running at the time. Crap. Then I noticed a bulge in the linoleum in front of the dishwasher also. Double crap.

I think the dishwasher might be my favorite appliance, next to the fridge, that is. Over the weekend Jim took out the dishwasher to assess the damage. Yup, gonna need to replace the floor over there. And the dishwasher too, which had been leaking for sometime but wasn't visible. Why oh why did you have to die dear dishwasher? Don't you understand I need you!!!

We were able to purchase a new dishwasher over the weekend and it will be delivered tomorrow. Yay right? Wrong. We can't install it until we fix the floor. And we can't fix the floor until next weekend, at the very soonest. This also means that I can't use the side of the sink with the disposal because the hose connected to the dishwasher was removed and all of the water will spill down into the cabinet below.

So I'm without my best friend who has now left me to fend for myself when it comes to clean dishes. So not cool. I do not like washing dishes, let alone hand washing them. There's an odd smell that comes from hand washing dishes, and maybe it's just me, but it's a smell that makes me want to gag. And this week started out so promising. :oP

I've realized how spoiled I was by my friend and will never ever take her for granted again. Yes, the dishwasher is definitely female because there's no way a man could ever get dishes that clean. So hug your dishwasher tonight and tell her you love her. Because now, in addition to all of the other fabulous household chores, I will now be washing dishes by hand. "Please don't die washing machine, please don't die. I don't have a river or rocks to beat clothes with in the backyard." *sigh*


  1. I haven't had a dishwasher for the past 4 years. I think about getting one every now and then, but it never happens as we don't have room for it in our 800ft condo with 4 people living in it.

  2. Paper plates!! Use them for a week. I know, you still have to wash pots, but at least not having to wash the plates, etc.

  3. I think I'd DIE without mine! OK, so I wouldn't, but the year we rented a house that didn't have a working dishwasher, I cursed every day that I had to hand wash the dishes. I have to admit, though it is very non eco friendly, I do resort to paper plates a lot..even with my dishwasher...because I'm that lazy.

  4. You are soooooo right about that awful smell of hand washed dishes!! To me it smells like old eggs, not rotten, just old, like if you use a bowl to mix them up before dumping them in the pan and then that bowl sits on the counter, unrinsed, for a couple days. Sooooo gross!!!


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