Saturday, January 16, 2010

Living in a World of Magic

In our household, magic is everywhere.

It all started with 4-year-old Gracie's ten billion imaginary friends, which are not only magical in their imaginary-yet-still-Gracie's-BFF-ness, but are all magical in their own right anyway. Her best friend is Wendy from Peter Pan, her boyfriend is Harry Potter, and she has spent many special days running through the wardrobe into Narnia with her pals, Lucy and Mr. Tumnus.

Every moment of every day is a moment for magic.

I encourage Gracie and Annelie to see the world through magic-tinted goggles. I'm not worried about them growing up delusional... I know they have a firm grasp on reality. But adding fairy tales and fantasy into every day life, just makes our days so much more interesting.

Something as boring as a car journey to the grocery store can become an unplanned horseback ride through the magical, mystical world of Trollville (okay, I'm not so good at naming places creatively), where the king of the trolls is keeping Queen Rosalina, ruler of the fairy folk, hostage until he gets a billion diamonds and rubies. Hidden corners of the back garden become secret villages where the fairy folk dance every night in the moonlight. Dragons need to be fought in order to save the flower people, who have been hiding in their houses in fright. Gracie and Annelie become mermaids with every bath.... adventures are everywhere and life is a magical journey.

My kids play pretend like its going out of style and they need to make every last moment count. It is so fun for me to see their imaginations grow more and more with every magical adventure they have. I love the creativity that goes into a preschool-aged child seeing the world through magic-tinted goggles - it certainly makes life a little more wonderful.

Do your kids live in a world of magic, too? Share with us in the comments!


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