Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Counting Down with Little Ones

My daughter Annelie turns three this week, and she is EXCITED. This is the year that she really understands that birthdays are special, and involve cake and candles and presents and friends to celebrate with.

The downside... she's too young to understand how many days she has to wait. The concept of days and weeks is much too overwhelming for this little child's brain.

You don't find a lot of birthday count down calendars, and since we had one whole week to impatiently wait, I decided to make her a count down calendar of her own. Of course, like the over-achieving mom I am, not only is it a lesson in counting down days, but its also a lesson in shapes, colors, and hand-muscle control as she colors in the lines.

I told her that when the shapes are all colored in, it will be her birthday, so of course, she wanted to color them all in one sitting so it would be her birthday RIGHT NOW.

Sorry, kid... doesn't work like that. After a day or two, it started making sense... Every day she gets to color in one shape and its going to take a LOT of days (from a little kids perspective) before they are all colored in and we can celebrate.

She's pretty darned excited to color in her daily shape, and I'm glad to have come up with the perfect count down for little tykes.



  1. Wow, I didn't realize just how close Annelie's birthday was to Amelia's (hers is Feb 5th). I like your idea. It sounds a lot like what we did for Amelia for Christmas. Since she's a little older and is learning her months of the year and days of the week at school, I actually drew out the month of December and she got to put a sticker on it each day until we hit Christmas. She is excited about her 4th bday, but since we are still riding on Christmas afterglow, she hasn't been so insistent on knowing exactly how long it is until her birthday comes.

  2. Oh, Alyssa, Will's birthday is on the 4th and mines on the 13th. Hurray for Aquarius!

  3. How funny...Merrick's is the 19th :) Both of mine are Aquarian babies!

  4. Yeah for Annelie! Hope she has a happy day!

  5. What a fun idea! Happy birthday Annelie!


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