Friday, December 4, 2009

Things You Can Do With A Candy Cane!

I shop in bulk as much as I can (diapers, baked lays, sour cream, deoderant- you can never have too much deoderant). A few weeks ago while at Sam's Club, my home away from home, I bought a big box of 280 mini candy canes (I know). My thought process, when buying this over the top plastic bin full of sugar (which fell over on me on the drive home, spilling every, single, one on my lap and inbetween the seats), was something like "I can use these to make peppermint bark, and then we'll have tons leftover, this will last us forever".

Um. Yeah, about that.

I bought another box, round two, of 280 mini candy canes, when I went shopping again on December 2nd. We went through 280 mini candy canes, before it was even December. We love candy canes, in this house. To share my strong feelings for the red and white striped sweet sticks, I thought I'd post a list of *drum roll, please*...

Things You Can Do With A Candy Cane!

Now some of these might seem obvious to you, seeing as how most of us have been eating candy canes for 20 plus years now, but, just in case, hehe, here are a few ways to lose yourself in the wonders of the candy cane!

1. Hang them on the Christmas tree.
2. Hang them on garland.
3. Put some in your wreath.
4. Line the edges of your stockings.
5. Glue magnets onto the backs of them, and decorate your fridge.
6. Use them to accent gifts.
7. Use them as a stir stick in your favorite hot beverage.
8. Crush them up and use them in peppermint bark.
9. Throw pieces of one into the blender with a homemade mocha.
10. Use them to make decorative ornaments (googly eyes, pipe cleaners, whatever you've got).
11. Hand them out to strangers to brighten somebody's day.
12. Use them to make a fence for your ginger bead house.
13. Make candy cane pudding.
14. Use them as chopsticks with your favorite dessert.
15. Glue them upside down on the backs of photos/card stock to make a stand up frame.
16. Bribe your children with them.
17. Freshen your breath.
18. Stab the straight end into anything baked, and its suddenly whatever you made, on a candy cane stick!
19. Give some to your mailman. Hes hungry.
20. Crochet or sew a festive sleeve around it.
21. Use them as a kitty toy.
22. Go down the street and put them in your neighbors mailboxes with a cute "merry Christmas" note.
23. Have a candy cane sword fight.
24. Take them everywhere with you, its never the wrong time for a candy cane.
25. Peppermint helps an upset stomach, so... just sayin'.
26. Use one to poke at the keys on your phone and send a text message.
27. Use one to poke at the keyboard and write a blog entry.
28. Hold one in between your nose and upper lip.
29. Wrap the hook end over your ears. You're an elf! ...kind of.
30. Hold your hair up with them.
31. Use them to type in your pin number at the store. The cashier will think you're crazy.
32. See how sharp you can get the tip of your candy cane by sucking on it. I made my tongue bleed once. Ouch.
33. Have a no-chewing-allowed candy cane eating contest. Who can eat it the fastest?
34. Did I mention bribe your kids with them?
35. Skip lunch. Eat candy canes.

...OK, so the list goes on and on, and while I'd just love to sit here and giggle over all of the cute and sometimes ridiculous things that you can do with a candy cane, I should probably do something a little more productive, like eat one, hehe.

Merry Candy Cane!


  1. You had me laughing at #27: "Use one to poke at the keyboard and write a blog entry". Hahaha. :) Oh, and my favorite candy EVER is Peppermint Bark & I'm also planning on making it this year. :)

  2. My favorite is making candy cane reindeers out of them...then eating it :)

  3. I wasn't even thinking of all the non-food uses! Hilarious!

  4. about #31 - with it being flu season, it might not be a bad idea! :D

  5. id like to see you post a whole blog using the tip of a candy cane.

  6. ROFL! With an 'empty nest,' hubby and I don't much eat them anymore...but, we do hang them on the tree...and save them from year to any grandkid who swipes one from the tree will get a bit of a stale candy cane surprise. LOL Yeah, dirty trick, I know....but then again...serves them right for not asking first! ;-)

    You can also:
    1) use as a border for hand-made xmas cards (requires special mailer or hand-delivery)
    2) stick in the middle of a rolled-up love note tied with ribbon and put in hubby's lunch
    3) tie 25 into a chain, and take one off each day until edible advent calendar of sorts..(IF you have the willpower to eat only 1 per day, that is! LOL)
    4) take any broken ones that did not make it into the peppermint bark, package them up as a 'gag gift' labeled 'candy cane seeds'
    5) unwrap and encase in resin, attach any of various labels such as 'in case of emergency, break glass,' or 'willpower test,' or other such silly objectives.

    Cheers and happy holidays!

  7. I also started laughing at loud at #'s 26 and 27. And then at
    #31 Use them to type in your pin number at the store. The cashier will think you're crazy.

    hahaha. GREAT idea! :P

  8. This was so cute. I'm adding it to my Inspire My Saturday feature. Thanks for sharing.



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