Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Perfect Gift In Every Way

This year, The Man and I decided we're going to skip Christmas gifts for each other.  Truth is, it's more fun to spend our effort on making Christmas special for the kids.  Not to mention, I got a really cool (and pricey) iPod Touch for my birthday, which pretty much means I won't see another gift until...oh...my 40th birthday...or maybe my 65th.  But then...SweetPea asked to watch a DVD she hadn't seen in ages...and I had an brilliant epiphany.  This year, I'm going to ask Santa to bring us...Mary Poppins.  Why, you ask?  Well...

1. She's a nanny...duh

2. She's British...and with enough exposure...and a lot of watching Charlie and Lola, maybe the kids will pick up the same adorable accent and say things like "May I have a spot of tea?" or "May I have tuppence to feed the birds?"

3.  She sure knows how to have a jolly holiday.

4.  Taking a turn in the park everyday...and riding the carousel horses all over the countryside would be really fun for the kids.

5.  She can teach the kids to clean up the house...in a snap.

6.  Did I mention she was a nanny?

7.  She throws a mean tea party...up on the ceiling.

8.  The kids would learn the proper grammatical use of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

9.  She's really good at getting the kids to bed (what was in that "tonic" anyway?)

10.  We could really use a nanny.

Of course...on the downside, she does have that crazy Uncle Albert...and is known to hang around with chimney sweeps...

If I can't have Mary Poppins...hell, I'll even take Sherry Bobbins...

I guess I better e-mail my letter to Santa...ASAP!


  1. We have the Marry Poppins book, and Eleanore loves it. So when I found the Marry Poppins VHS at Goodwill, I GRABBED it. MINE!

    Having the DVD would be much nicer, but, the kids don't have a DVD player upstairs anyways.

  2. We have a Mary Poppins DVD... but its so not as good as the real thing. I needs me a nanny this year, too!!

  3. Hmm...Marisa, maybe I'll send the kids over to your house to hang out with will. A Welsh accent might be a close second :)

    I used to have a TON of movies on VHS. I kept them until my VHS player had a nervous breakdown. At that point, the tapes and the player were retired. DVD's aren't always what they're cracked up to be. My Mary Poppins DVD freezes at the end of Spoon Full of Sugar because it has a small scratch on the disk :(

  4. Funny post! :) We have "Mary Poppins" on DVD, but I can't quite get my 2 yr old to appreciate it...maybe when he's a little older? Or when mommy stops singing off-key to all of the songs in a really loud voice? ;)

  5. My oldest loves that movie but my younger child doesn't quite appreciate it yet. It took several times for my oldest to really like it, but once they jump into that painting, she's in love. :o)

  6. LOL, Alyssa... Actually, Annelie said of Bert one day, "He talks like Daddy." Will was horrified that not only would she think he sounded cockney, but she would think he sounded like the worst cockney accent EVER. Haha, that cracks me up!

  7. I remember you saying that once, Marisa. The other day Dom said to me, "you really wouldn't care what kind of British accent the kids had as long as they had one" to which I said "um...I don't want them sounding like the Spice Girls" :)

    Seriously though...poor Dick Van Dyke murdered the accent!


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