Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Snow Angels

Candy Cane Lane
art by Kathy of The Dreamy Giraffe

It snowed this morning. Okay, so maybe to most of you that's no big deal, maybe for you it snows all winter long.... but I live in West Texas and grew up along the California coast, so to me, snow is like a fluffy freezing little miracle. And to my kids... amazing.

Gracie ran into my room this morning, throwing her four-year-old self on top of me while screaming, "Its SNOWING! Right NOW! I have to go OUTSIDE!"

Personally, I wanted nothing to do with the snow... I might find it a fluffy freezing little miracle, but that doesn't mean I like the stuff. The one snow day we have a year is quite enough for me, and I'm not going to enjoy it by playing in it, I'm going to sit under a fluffy blanket and 'oooh' and 'ahhh' by the window. Let me tell you a little something about me: I hate snow. I hate any kind of cold wet thing. Hey! I'm just like Bella Swan, only my hubby isn't a vampire!

Okay, I digress... but seriously, My kids believe that snow is magic. Gracie, in fact believes that snow is Christmas. "Santa CAME to our HOUSE!" she screeched this morning, waking up the household. My husband spent quite a lot of time convincing her that snow and Santa are not synonymous, but once she accepted that, the little girls were off in their warm woolies and jackets, making snow angels in the front yard.

There is absolutely nothing spectacular about this video. In fact, as it was taken on my hubby's phone, the quality is pretty rotten... but whatever. My kids are making snow angels in the the snow on our front lawn. That calls for a celebration in my opinion. And some hot chocolate!

Double for your Trouble: Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix

To me, the best part of a snowy day is the hot chocolate. Now those are synonymous... snow and hot chocolate. They might as well be the same thing, as they go together better than peas and carrots or salt and pepper. Is it possible to enjoy a snowy day without indulging in a cup of liquid heaven? Nope. Especially not when you have marshmallows to plop on top.

For those of you who live in a snowy world, hope you have lots and lots of chocolate on hand! And for those of you who might get one day of snow in a year... well, go and get yourself and your kids some hot chocolate, too. 'Cause there really isn't a better warm and wintery drink.

And if you don't agree, go on and spike your mug with a little Kalua, and see if you're still arguing in 20 minutes!



  1. OMG...I'm 100% psyched that we might have snow on Friday. I LOVE snow. I even had to shovel out my car after a Noreaster with a dust pan once...and got stranded in my car in a flash blizzard while 8 months preggie and I still love it:)

  2. The snow was so pretty this morning!! I can't wait until Friday when its supposed to stick for longer than a few hours. I have a cute little red bear snow suit to put CHarlie in, all ready to go.

    I used to LOVE playing in it, but now I'm like you, I'd rather just sit and watch. Its cold, and wet, and ugh.

    The snow angels are beautiful. I hope Elie gets to make one soon. This morning she just stared out the window and said "oh no! Its all melted! I never get to do anything", but then I turned on cartoons and she was over it, haha.

    If I didn't know about the snow coming on Friday, I would have taken her out in the frigid meltyness to play.

  3. .... Tia, I did not know about the snow coming on Friday! I just thought that was for the Austin area! Thanks for the heads up. I'll have more hot chocolate ready :)

  4. I have to be all bah humbug here, because I hate snow! Growing up in Va Beach and then moving to the PA mountains have made it lose some of its magic for me :(

    But icicles I'll take any day!!

  5. Snow?! Aghhh! The hot choco sounds yum though. :-)


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