Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kids vs. Kittens

Now that my newborn itsy-bitsy little baby is four, and my even newer itsy-bitsy little baby is two and a half... I've been getting those cravings again. Yup, the baby cravings.

Here's a little something about me: I don't want another baby. Ever. Don't get me wrong. I love, no, adore everything about my two darling daughters... but as for wanting to start over with a screaming, crying, awake all night, colicky, unable to communicate newborn...

*shudder* - no thank you, two kids are enough for me.

BUT, when those cravings come a-calling, I can't help but turn to my husband and say, "Awwww, but lets just have one more! They're so CUTE!"

My husband, like me, loves and adores our daughters - and doesn't ever want another newborn again. So what did he do? He bought me kittens!

Are my baby cravings gone, you may be wondering? You betcha. Now that my motherly instinct is being filled with two tiny little balls of squeaking fluff, I am quite content.

My newborn (okay, 7 week old) babies are very much like newborn babies - only with benefits.
  • Just like babies, they crave love and an attentive, doting mama.
  • Unlike babies, they sleep ALL the time.
  • Just like babies, they are tiny and cute and make you go awwwwww!
  • Unlike babies, they can use the litter box.
  • Just like babies, they rely on their mama to feed them (my calico Sophie can't remember where her food is even though it has been in the same spot for the entire week we've had her - she just comes up to me and tries to nurse my nose, so I know she's hungry and needs to be taken to her food).
  • Unlike babies, they don't bite you as you nurse, or chew though bottle nipples.
  • Just like babies, they were born...
  • Unlike babies, I didn't have to get ginormously fat, suffer from indigestion for 9 months, grow out of all my clothes, cause people to wonder why I didn't have that 'pregnant glow' as I was more bitchy and hormonal than ever before...
  • Just like babies, they are soft and cuddly and smell wonderful.
  • Unlike babies, they don't get colicky and scream for hours.
  • Just like babies, they are tiny and cute and make you go awwwwww!
Oh wait, I already said that one... but seriously...


So now we know, when the baby cravings come a-calling... its time for more kittens! I fully plan on being the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood... or you can just call me the most motherly of mothers on the block.



  1. I'd choose kittens over more kids any day!!! That sounded kinda horrible, didn't it?? Gotta love the Awwww factor without all the unwanted side effects!

  2. Kitties!! I have to restrain myself from getting more kitties We have two and I think two is the maximum amount of inside kitties one should have in our smallish townhouse. However if we ever move back out to the country where kitties can roam around...then all bets are off. And I do wants another baby but I only have one now. Just like kitties two kids sounds just about right to me :)

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with being the crazy cat lady!

    Id rather scoop litter than change poopy newborn baby diapers anyday!

  4. Awwww!!!! They are so cute. I agree, rather get more cats than kittens. =P

  5. lol that's great...but what do I do when I get the baby cravings? I'm really not an animal person...

  6. Wow, I must be the most unmotherly woman in the world...I have no craving for more babies of ANY sort any time soon. Yes, I'd love an adorable, purring ball of fur to cuddle...but one more (or in your case two) mouth to feed and butt to clean up thanks! I'm perfectly happy going to the pet store in the mall...playing with the puppies and kitties...then going home!

  7. Haha, Cathy... with three adorable little boys, when you get those baby cravings, you need to have a little girl!


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