Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Gift of Art and the Coolest Collections

Assorted ACEOs by watercolorist, Lauren Alexander

The holidays are around the bend (I haven't yet counted up how many shopping days are left, but I know there aren't many) and giving gifts for kids seems to get easier and easier as shops like Walmart and Target fill their aisles with mass quantities of everything kids love at very tempting prices...

BUT have you considered giving your kids the start to an awesome art collection?

I have! This year, my two little girls (Gracie is 4 and Annelie is almost 3) will be getting their very first ACEOs ** and I am so excited for them to begin their very own art collections. Original ACEO prices vary, but you can usually find some gorgeous ones for $12 - $20. And the prints... those are perfect for the littlest collectors, as you can usually find them for between $3 - $5.

** Don't know what an ACEO is? - An ACEO (Art Card Edition and Original) is an art trading card. They measure 2.5 x 3.5 inches, which is traditional ACEO size. They are wonderful little collectibles, and the perfect way to own awesome art and prints without breaking the bank. Think baseball card only WAAAAY cooler.

Their collection will be started with prints from this Etsy shop:

A Little Extra Sparkle

Fairy and mermaid mice? Could there be anything cuter? I don't think so.

Anyway, these tiny little collectibles make EXCELLENT stocking stuffers, and these colorful, fun little prints are the perfect way to introduce kids to the joy of art collecting - always a plus in my books. Plus, they fit easily in a baseball card collecting binder, so storage is easy and collecting is fun! Take a look at some of my favorite ACEO sellers on Etsy.
Dazzled - Original ACEO

Paper Hats


Hedgehog with Hat

She Believed in Spontaneous Dancing

Poison, Snow White

Not quite sure how to find ACEOs? I like searching on, and the artists there are varied and so many are oh-so-very talented. Just do a search for ACEOs (you might want to include the words 'not supplies' when you are searching). You can vary your search as much as you want (like 'ACEOS for kids,' or 'ACEO prints') to find exactly what you like... and I certainly hope you do!

Have an ACEO artist you love? Be sure to share with us!


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  1. Super awesome post! Thanks for the nod and for plugging ACEOs for all mankind :-D


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