Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crafty Kits for Tons of Fun

I wanted to highlight some of the awesome handmade DIY kits/patterns for fantastic kids crafts out there. The holidays are coming and seriously... these would all make the most awesome gifts. Just sayin'

Click on the pictures, or the shop name to be transported magically to the featured shops!

This Stick Puppet Party kit by ElectrickZoo is just flat out fantastic:

Make 5 LARGE, one-of-a-kind puppets with Stick Puppet Party! Classic edition. This fun, fast-drying & easy-to-use puppet kit makes a wonderful party activity or creative rainy day, family night, school after school project.

Kit Contains: 5 corrugated cardboard bodies, 5 pairs of arms and legs, 5 blank heads, 5 sticks, 20 clips, 5 sheets of 8.5x11 decorative paper for easy to make clothing, glue & easy-to-follow directions. You make each character unique with magazine collage, enlarged photos or by drawing your own faces. Finished Puppets stand over 1 foot tall and have movable arms & legs. Age 6-adult. Made in the USA

Seriously, how cute are these?

The Can Art kits by Eye Can Art make my heart go all fluttery.

Book in a Box kit! I LOVE it!

For ages 5 to 95 (5 to 8 with an adult). Explore being both an author and illustrator by creating accordion-style books that fold up inside a box. Tell the world a story about you! There are many ways to tell a story, and this kit provides you with the materials to tell it in a variety of ways. We provide an “idea page” that prompts children to think about interesting things about themselves, or they can just start writing. We include high quality colored pencils and a fine marker for illustrating your book, you can cut out pictures and glue them onto the pages, or do a combination of both. The sky’s the limit! The kit includes enough materials to create 3 box books, plus a special bonus project of a house-shaped accordion book with pop-out doors and windows. Cool!


They have a Sumi-e kit!

And a Collograph Printing kit (you will have the coolest kid in art class, with this kit, I'm telling ya)

Create gorgeous prints from a collage of cut paper!
For ages 4-94
(ages 4 to 8 with an adult.)

The process is simple and fun, and the results are lovely. Everything you need to explore this printing technique is included in our irresistible can. Our richly colored, high quality printing inks are non-toxic and clean up easily with water. This kit is multi-use, meaning it includes enough materials to enjoy the projects multiple times, or with friends and family members. And the process is fun and engaging, allowing you to combine simple processes (like drawing, cutting, gluing, rolling and peeling) to quickly create dramatic-looking images.

Check out this sweet two minute video of a boy demonstrating the kit:

Eye Can Art was started by three mothers who are artists and art educators. We’re bringing you the best, most successful projects from our classrooms. All of our kits provide fun art projects with high-quality materials. We include enough art materials to experiment with techniques, and easy-to-follow illustrated instructions that encourage unique, open-ended expression.

And last, the play set patterns by BuggaBugs are the cutest things I have ever in my life seen. Wanna know what my kids are getting for the holidays this year? Some of these!

(well, they won't get the patterns... they'll get the handmade sets, of course)

Bugga Bugs Tiny Town™ is going camping at Moose Creek! Unbutton the mountain sides to reveal the great outdoors where campers are getting ready to fish, hike, find wildlife and sleep under the stars. When playtime is finished just button the sides back up, store the accessories inside and add the top. This pattern will make the complete Moose Creek Camp set: Interactive Container (Really opens to reveal outdoors!) Outdoor landscape Camper Boat Fish Moose Tent Sleeping Bag Trees Campfire Dog Fishing Pole Pattern comes complete with Cover Page, Sewing Tips and Tricks, Supply List, Pattern Instructions (including step by step color photographs) and Full Scale Pattern Pieces.

And they clean up and store, nice and easy!

And play food, like none I've seen before!

Bugga Bugs is getting take out! Come on over and join us for some delicious Pork Gyoza (Pot Stickers), Chow Mein and Shrimp. There's even a Tempura Shrimp for those who like the crunchy goodness of Panko bread crumbs. On the side is a delicious stir fry of Snow Peas and Broccoli. We love the Chinese Take Out Box and the Fortune Cookies with removable fortunes look real! For extra fun try adding your own chopsticks and test your skills at picking up the food!

Bugga Bugs just returned from a trip to the grocery store and we're stocked with delicious staples every little one needs in their kitchen. A jug of ice-cold milk, a box of unsalted butter (great for cooking), a fresh fish (healthy alternative to the usual) and some canned vegetables, soup and Tuna to stock up the pantry. All of it was carried home in our "Recycle" Tote Bag! !

This pattern will make the complete Groceries set:

Can I just ooooh and aaaaah over that recycle grocery tote for a minute? ADORABLE!

Bugga Bugs is celebrating sweethearts! Who's heart wouldn't melt at the sight of this scrumptious box of mouth watering dark, milk and white chocolates? With yummy candy hearts you can tell your special someone exactly how you feel. To top the celebration off a beautiful rose, hand picked from the Bugga Bugs botanical garden, sends off a delicious perfume in the air. Open the ring box to reveal a dazzling, custom designed diamond ring perfectly sized to your little sweetheart's finger. Valentines or not, this set is all about playtime fun and imagination.

(These are for the moms who want to train their young boys to be the perfect gentleman, dontcha think?)

Do you love everything as much as I do?



  1. Oh this is so much fun!
    Have a great happy week!

    (I also had fun crafty days with my kids last week, we made a mini castle!I invite you to see at my blog)

  2. super cute! I'll have to remember these for Chrismas shopping!!


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