Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Naughty... But Oh So Adorable!

Sometimes it's really, really hard to stand your ground and be consistent with your kids, when they are being naughty, but so darned cute!

"No means no" has become my unofficial motto in the last year, as Gracie (4) and Annelie (2) work their very hardest to do everything they aren't supposed to do while being so darned cute about it. And sometimes, though I know I need to stick my ground and be consistent now, so they don't think they can walk all over me for the rest of their lives, I just want to say, "Okay, fine... just this once, but only 'cause you're so darned cute."

But it never ends up as once, does it? They have to push you until you can't be pushed any further and then you find yourself uncorking a bottle of wine at 2 in the afternoon while they sit on time-out --- er, or is that just me?

Annelie has discovered the joy of the cotton ball. "It's my fluff," she says. She calls it her fluff. How ridiculously adorable is that? But in our house, Mommy's art supplies are off limits unless I say they are okay. And the cotton balls, which I use to blend my art, with chemicals, are my art supplies, and are not a help-yourself kinda toy.

"But I'm playing with my fluff," Annelie sweetly argues as she pulls them into little tiny bits on the floor. And I want to pat her head and say "Oh, okay, honey. Go on and play away, because you are the Fluff Queen and the cutest little kid in the world..."

But I can't, because I already told her no playing with cotton balls and NO MEANS NO.

*Sigh* and oh great, I'm probably going to give my kids cotton ball complexes because their cotton ball-nazi mom wont let them touch them. But that's a blog post for a different day... Parenting is hard.

Cotton balls are only one example... we have a million no means no moments in our house. Millions a day. Millions every hour, practically. It seems like their only mission in life is to make me cave into their every will, which was fine when all they wanted was a bottle of milk and a cuddle, but isn't quite so fine when I catch them inside the fridge eating cheddar cheese straight out of the package, and they turn towards me, smile and say, "But I love cheesey cheesey."

Okay moms out there... what do you do? Do you cave into their every oh so adorable will, or do you stand your ground? Tips, tricks? Or do you just pour yourself a glass of wine at 2 in the afternoon and count down the days until they are off to college?



  1. As a mother who (along with her husband) runs into another room bursting w/ laughter at the adorableness of Charlotte's many "no-no" moments, I have absolutely no advice for you, but I sure can relate! Sort of like how, at the ripe old age of not-even-two yet, she lightly play-bit me the other night and, knowing I need to make biting a big no-no, I tried to discipline her and she said "IIIIIIIII'm sowwy mommy, oh look raining HARD outside!" as a diversionary tactic. Now who couldn't laugh at that?! Parenting is indeed hard!!

  2. I'd love to have a bottle of wine at 2, but given my pregnant state, I just hide whatever he wants on top of my "office" which is an armoire in our kitchen/dining room. And then I eat chocolate, because at least THAT is allowed for pregnant women! Of course, I have to sneak it or else he wants some...

  3. I know what you mean. My issue usually is between the "at home" and "in public" moments. I may laugh really hard when my daughter is doing a naked booty dance, but I don't want her to think it will get her a laugh in the grocery store. I struggle with the "appropriate behavior." I want her to feel comfortable at home, but understand that's not always appropriate in public. I also get tired of saying "no" all the time. Life's short, we should enjoy these little moments.

    Sorry I have no answers...just my own experience. : )

  4. As the mother of 2 girls, a four yr old and a sixteen yr old... (a moment for you to process what a fantastic planner I am) let me just say it's not as cute when they are 16 and you've said no and they still think they can be cute and get you to change your mind. I struggle with it too (with the 4 yr old), but you really are better off sticking to your guns now, the issues are so much bigger in 10 years. I've had to start really watching what I say so that I can be certain it's something I want to uphold later. My 2 cents :)


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