Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bunny Princesses

Originally posted on my personal blog:
To say my girls are girly-girls is a gross understatement. My girls are GIRLY-GIRLS (all caps are necessary, believe me).

No, these pictures are not in preparation for Halloween... this is just your average every day in the Hopkins household, when the bunny princesses come to play.

Once upon a time, I actually got to use my make-up on myself (weird thought, I know!). But now my eyeliner, lipstick, and hot pink glittery eye shadow have a better use - whiskers, noses, and magical princess sparkles. I do have to say in all honesty, my favorite part of being a mom (besides the hugs and kisses and 'I love you, Mom's which are all very nice) is when my girls insist they go paint chip shopping at the hardware store dressed as their bunny princess alter-egos, and scowl at anyone who calls them a kitty-cat.

Because it should be obvious. They are bunny PRINCESSES, can't you tell?

Nothing quite like imaginative, creative little kids!


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