Friday, October 23, 2009

Blood For Breakfast

Not only does my son thirst for milk, having developed a bad habit of biting down with his teeth at completely inappropriate times (the adventures of, can be found by clicking here), but now my 3 year old daughter craves it as well. For breakfast this morning, she wanted blood in her cereal. Not milk, not soy milk, but blood. For a snack, she wanted an apple. But not a plain apple, not a caramel apple, a blood apple. Now normally I'd say no, but something in her glowing and all too hypnotizing eyes, forced me into the kitchen to prepare a red tinged feast. Before I knew it, I was filling tall glasses with dark red smoothies, drizzling dark blue blood sugar syrup over moist muffins, and serving everything to my little vampire on a silver Transylvania style platter.

Get your serving spoons ready, Moms. I think Vampirism is contagious this time of year...


  1. Clearly not all moms are created equally...Your such a fun mama :) I've never been that into halloween as an adult...but I do find myself getting more into spirit since my children have arrived. Good job super mom!

    Also... Charlotte has been craving the blood while nursing too... not so fun.

  2. Tia, you rock. And Elie and Gracie are clearly cut from the same freaky-little-vampire-loving-girl cloth... The other day Gracie drew a picture of two smiling people in a flower garden and said, "Mommy, can you tell me how to spell vampire?" So she wrote VAMPIRE above them, and said they are in the garden drinking blood.

  3. That's funny :) Amelia prefers witches and ghosts...and hasn't requested blood yet!

  4. curiouser and curiouser.
    hurray for blood?


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