Friday, September 25, 2009

A Sugary Snow Storm

(But really, how often do your kids wear pants around the house anyways?)

I don't know what sparked her interest in building pretend snowmen, but lately Eleanore has been working overtime building enough imaginary snowballs to take down the entire nutcracker army. While her and Daddy were in the living room, struggling to lift the must-have-been-really-heavy invisible head up onto Mr. Snowman's very round body, a light bulb went off in my head.

Without asking permission of the parent that would actually have to deal with and clean up the mess that we were about to make, I acted on my brilliant and way too fun idea, filled our biggest mixing bowl with sugar, and announced-

"Eleanore, it snowed!!!"

Wow. Did I really just do that?

The look that my husband gave me was priceless. See, I was about to go out and run errands. Go to a few stores, get some Halloween costume making supplies, breathe fresh air, ya know, the good stuff. And while I was out doing all of that, he'd be stuck back here, covered from head to toe with sticky snow crystals.

Since Charlie, my 9 month old, puts everything in his mouth, he was the first to discover that- wow, snow tastes good! After skating around in her socks and making snow angels for twenty minutes, Eleanore noticed half of her pretend snowballs had been eaten by her little brother. She stuck out her tongue and took a lick, and that was it. A sticky one way ticket to the bath tub. Messes like that can't even be touched by baby wipes.

And what was I doing, while all of this was happening? La la la, browsing different colors of tulle at the fabric store, dum de dum, strolling along sipping a latte.

This isn't something we're going to do on a regular basis, we'll save in house snow storms for those extra rainy days, and maybe next time use white rice, instead of sugar. It sure was fun for the kids though. And the Dad (heh).


  1. You really know how to have fun! I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to venture sugar all over my floors. I'm pretty sure my Golden Retriever would have done the "snow" in after about 2 minutes. We were psyched last year when Houston got a freak half inch of snow. I hope it happens again this year! We got to go to Boston to see my family in January and Amelia and Merrick got to enjoys sledding and snow angels and FEET of cold...and 27 degree weather :) I wish we could go again!!

  2. So fun! We did something like that a year ago, with a box of biscuit mix. The girls played in it for about an hour before I just swept it up and tossed it out. They probably would have liked the sugar better!!

  3. oh my goodness you are the coolest mom ever!

    And here I won't even let my kids eat freezer pops in the house!


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