Saturday, September 19, 2009

Make It: Things I Like Journal

When I was in first grade, I made a book called Things I Like. It was filled with illustrations of all the things I... well, liked, obviously.

My daughter Gracie loves to draw, so I thought an art journal would be the perfect thing for her. She picked out her own journal from OhMandie (that is fellow TMD mama Amanda's e-shop on Etsy!) and couldn't wait to start once it arrived in the mail.

We decided to make this book her Things I Like book, filled with all of her favorites.

Months later, the book is still being filled and she is always excited to think of a new favorite to record. We'll often go a month or two between entries, as there is no pressure to fill it all right away... its the perfect memory book!

Making a Things I Like journal is a piece of cake. Just start with:
  • a blank journal
  • some colored pencils and crayons
  • the imagination of a child
and presto, you've got yourself a pretty awesome little book, for you and your kiddo to enjoy always.

Let them draw their own portrait on the first page, and don't forget to date every entry!
A blank page to an adult may be daunting... but to a child, it is exciting. What will be her favorite thing to record today?

Favorites to record:
  • ice fream flavors
  • movies
  • books to read
  • animals
  • aliens
  • monsters
  • fairy tales
  • food
  • song to sing
  • game to play
The possibilities are endless.

Grab a journal, grab your child and start a Things I Like journal today!

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  1. Marisa, what a cute idea-a twist on the traditional journal. This would help strengthen my daughter's self esteem, i am sure!

    I'll be linking tomorrow!

  2. We have something similar going only we call it the "Handy Dandy Notebook" in Blues Clues. It started as the official "the only place you are allowed to stick stickers" but she began writing her letters and drawing in it too. I think it's great she lets you make notes in her book. I'm forbidden to lay a pen or pencil on the Handy Dandy note book :)

    I also found some great tablets at WalMart similar to what Amelia was given in school...half the page is blank and the other half has big writing lines so they can draw and learn to write what the drawing was about on the bottom.

  3. great idea! If your daughter wants one of her journal pictures turned into a matted print, check out YOUR Raspberry Kidz on my web site. Sounds like it might be perfect for her!


  4. I should really put one of these together for Elie. She doesn't have the patience to do it for more than 2 minutes, literally, but I think I'd like to have it when shes older :)

  5. So cute! I had a very similar book when I was a child, though it was more like a scrapbook than a journal. I called it my "happy book."


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