Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DIY Ancient Egyptian Art of Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is a method for removing body hair that is a cheap, homemade alternative to waxing (or shaving). The theory behind body sugaring is that the hair is removed by the root, and when it grows back there will be less of it, and it will be softer and not stubbly as it is if a razor had been used.

Body sugaring is done by making a paste of sugar, water, and lemon juice that has been heated to the softball candy stage. After you have let the paste cool enough so that it won't burn, you spread it on your skin, cover it with cotton strips of cloth, and then rip the cloth off like one does a bandaid. Most find sugaring less painful than waxing.

2 cups sugar
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 cup water

Candy thermometer
Glass Jar
Cotton Strips (an old sheet or pillow case cut into strips)
Popsicle Stick(s)

Combine ingredients in a heavy saucepan, and heat on low using a candy thermometer. Watch the mixture very carefully so that it doesn't boil over. Heat the mixture to 250 degrees F on the candy thermometer; this is the harball candy stage.

Remove from the heat and let cool enough to pour in a glass jar. (This jar will be reheated in the future so make sure it is safe for whatever way of reheating you plan to do - microwave or in a pan of water). Rip clean cotton fabric into 1" strips. Make sure the cotton isn't too coarsely woven.

This next step is very critical: let the mixture cool enough so that it won't burn your skin!! Test the mixture on the inside of your wrist.

Using a popsicle stick, spread the cooled mixture onto your skin. Cover with the cloth strips, let set for a few minutes, then rip off quickly.

In the future you can reheat the mixture to a warm and not hot (as above) and reuse. NOTE: reheating will cause mixture to thicken.

*I found this recipe in my collection with a date stamp of 9/07/03.  It doesn't say where it came from or who the original author is.  If someone knows, please mention it here, thanks!


  1. Well I'm too scared to wax so maybe I should try this!

  2. I am going to have to try this. I don't like to wax, back in the day I tried that Nad's stuff and it didn't even get half of my hair. If this works for me, I will ask if I can post it on my blog. We will have to see. I'm hoping it does, I hate shaving.

  3. Ummmm...would it be a little wierd if I tried this?? I am definitely intrigued...

    ...and I am hairy.


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