Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Girls Allowed

Between Mike, Brayden, and Gage I live with three boys.
Even our pet ferret, Chewbacca, is a boy.
That equals a whole lot of testosterone floating around in my house.

We're a rough and tumble type of family, full of trains, airplanes, trucks, baseball bats, legos, Lincoln Logs, and action figures. All boy things for boy interests.

Now don't get me wrong here, I love a good hour of lego building, but when I'm sitting with my boys playing they are building race cars with I'm making a pretty little house with flowers in the front yard. When we push Hot Wheels around the floor together they want to race each other crash while their totally uncool mom makes her cars talk to each other Barbie style.

Some days all I want to do is scream that I am a girl. I like the color pink, even if it has been unanimously outlawed in my house. I'm not the best playmate when it comes to action figures and toy trains. I have a VAGINA!

I don't enjoy spending hours driving the Jeep around in the mud.
Monster Truck Shows don't impress me.
I'd rather stay clean than make mud pies and dig for worms in the yard.
I don't understand fishing at all. Why catch it in the first place if you are just going to throw it back?

There defiantly are the other advantages of being the only girl in the household though. I can bake whenever I want to, usually with lots of little hands eager to help lick the beaters or scrape the mixing bowl clean, and the goodies will certainly all get ate without complaint (although I'm quite sure my boys would eat cardboard if it had frosting on it). I have infinite counter space in Mike and Is bathroom. I mean really, what does he have but an electric razor that needs set out. I can send my boys off together to do something manly to catch a few quiet hours to myself and do something girly like sew or paint my toenails.

But being the Mom of all boys is a lifestyle.
Its lots of little league games in the summer.
Its visits to the Airplane show.
Its buying trucks and video games for birthdays.
Its lots and lots of Spongebob. (which I'm actually ok with, I do love Spongebob)
Its runny noses and scrapped knees.

Being in a house full of boys is hard, but its not without its advantages either.
I'll always be the one they turn to for comfort and love.
Especially when I'm the only Queen in this castle.


  1. I'm jealous, the bathroom counter, I share with Jim, is the opposite. His shiznit covers half of it, usually spilling over onto my side. I was actually hoping I would have all boys and ended up with two girls. I think there's too much estrogen in my house. :oP

  2. Aw, you having your race cars talk Barbie style is the cutest thing... I have the two girliest girls on the planet... my hubs feels the same as you! He wants his girls to be into James Bond and rugby, but they just want to watch Barbie and the Diamond Castle and have me use the hair straightener on them.

    I feel for ya!!


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