Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey, Dogbreath!

Its my fault, of course. I should have listened to her.

"Mama, I want crackers, puhleeze?" she asked, oh so sweetly.

But I just continued making egg salad sandwiches and replied, "No, Annelie. Lunch is almost ready."

Normally I'm quick to hand out a little snack when my over-active, high-energy kids are hungry. After all, they need lots of fuel in order to power their little bodies to drive me crazy. But, as I was 2.5 seconds away from being done preparing lunch, I didn't think asking Annelie to hold out would be that big a deal.


Annelie: I want crackers, Mama!

Me: Annelie, it's not time for crackers. Go play. Lunch is almost ready.

Annelie: I want crackers! [stomps feet] NOW!

Me [getting impatient]: I said no. No means no.

Annelie: Crackers! I want it!

Me [eyes beginning to bulge out of skull]: Stop asking. I said no.

Annelie [as if dying]: Maaaaaamaaaaaaaa. Puhleeze, want crackers now! Puhhhhhleeeeeeeze...."

Me [bulging eyes twitching in charming yet psychotic way]: Get out of the kitchen. Right. Now.

With a mother like me, its no wonder my two year old needs to forage Chez Hopkins for some grub of her own. Because otherwise, she'd starve, right?

But if it is good enough for a four year old German Shepard/Malamute, then its good enough for a two year old starving child. Who, by the way, wouldn't even touch her lunch.

Me: [sigh]



  1. Can I come live in your house for awhile? :)

  2. OH. My. I kind of knew it would be headed in this direction.

    My question is, how did she like her kibble?

  3. Eh, it could've been worse. rofl


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