Monday, July 20, 2009

I Forgot to Build My Nest

I was in the middle of watching the movie "Juno" tonight (LOVE that movie), anyway, Jennifer Garner's character was in the middle of painting the nursery and couldn't decide between two different shades of yellow. Her husband wondered why she was even worried about it at this point, when the baby was still a few months away, and she said that it was an important part of preparing for a baby, that the books referred to it as nesting.

Aah, the nesting phase. I've read about it, heard about it, and somehow missed it. Twice. Dang it. I'm pretty sure it would have come in handy. I could have had an immaculately clean house for once. When we first moved in doesn't count. Our dining room table was an overturned box and our couch was an air mattress. We didn't own enough stuff to have a messy house.

In addition to stuff, we also acquired kids, and the two of them together are a combination that would get us turned away by the Producers for TLC's Clean Sweep. "I'm sorry, we're only an hour long show." Why, oh why couldn't I have been a nester?

Instead of nesting, I was busy throwing up and getting 24/7 heartburn. Wasn't the nesting phase supposed to be one of the perks to pregnancy? I think the pregnancy glow was the other one, but I missed that too. I feel a little ripped off. Here, Mother Nature has given us the drive and motitivation to channel our inner Merry Maid so we get one last chance to see a clean house before the baby arrives. Because we all know it won't happen again, ever. See, it's as nature intended. Crap, I think I just proved how completely unnatural I am while admitting I live in a sty. Damn.

As I survey the damage (the smears across the tv screen, Cheerios ground into the carpet, ew, did the cat throw up again?!!), I'm thinking that although I missed nesting, I must still be a pretty good mom. After all, if I'm too busy caring for my kids to clean up every mess, logic would conclude that the messier the house, the better the mom, right? Right?! Well, that's the angle I'm using. And by the looks of my house, I'm half-way to Mother of the Year. :oP


  1. Don't worry, I was never a nester either. I'm a neat freak by nature, so I won't count that...pregnancy didn't make it worse, it was just a normal annoying habit. Some people claim I had a glow, but I'm pretty sure that was the 24/7 sickness and the sheen of always being on the verge of puking.

    Post pregnancy I still have the annoying clean freak thing going on and I spend my days picking up messes that I know in my heart of hearts will end up messed up again in 5 minutes. Why...I have no idea, I can't help myself.

  2. I'm a neat freak too and cleaning up the same 5 messes, 5 times a day, is downright painful. :oP

  3. I must be a pretty darned incredible mom, based on your logic. Sounds great to me!

    But I did nest. It wasn't so much that I was cleaning morning, noon, and night until my house was spotless... I did clean, but that wasn't what I focused on. It was like I was freaking out because I needed a new bookshelf RIGHT NOW and couldn't have the new baby (Annelie) until I had one. I also had to knit soon-to-be baby Gracie a pink sweater to wear home from the hospital. And the sweater absolutely had to have ruffled knit lace cuffs... I don't know how to knit lace. I was in a different place, I'm telling ya.

  4. I missed the nesting bit, too. I knitted a sweater out of boredom, but I don't think that counted. And besides, the sweater was for me, and not the baby, so that must stick me in some horrid category.

    BUT! I haven't dusted in months. Nay, years. So that must count for something.

  5. I don't remember nesting with my first one, and now that I'm 31 weeks pregnant with my second one, my husband wants to know when that nesting thing is supposed to start. :) Probably not gonna, honey!


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