Monday, June 29, 2009

Sleep Yourself Skinny

Better late than never right? Hm, I just realized that could be said for Dear Aunt Flo, but I'm talking about posting late today. Generally, I'm on top of it and have my posts pre-done, but lack of sleep and hubby this weekend, with two children that get up at 6am and I'm wasted tired.

I've also decided that I'm no longer blaming my size on baby-weight because in reality, it's lack-of-sleep-weight. Did you know that? One of those nifty Ivy League schools did a sleep study and found that on average, people who got less than 7 hours of sleep each night could have up to 33 extra pounds of weight. Yikes! So not only does having babies make you fat, but keeping them makes you fatter! That was so not in ANY of the baby books I read.

Since mid-December last year, I joined a gym and have made a conscience effort to lose 25 pounds. Total loss so far? Nada. Yup, nothing.
Discouraging, yes, but I have a goal and I'm going to look hotter when I hit 30 than I ever did at 29. Ah heck, since 22 realistically. I want to be one of those moms that other people see and say, "She's had two kids? No way! She looks fabulous!!" I'll even take the snide remarks, "She must have had some work done. Skinny B@#$&."

I know I'm not the only one. Unless you're Marisa and get to be naturally skinny (grrrrr) then you're probably struggling like I am. And if you're putting forth the effort with diet and exercise too, then sleep may also be your culprit. Maybe we should start a movement, Sleeping Yourself Skinny. Couldn't hurt right? Plus your children will have the added benefit of a well rested mama and I don't know about you, but sleep equals patience and I need that in spades.
*Yawn* Naptime anyone?


  1. Okay, first of all, you look fantastic already... and second... I'm not naturally skinny, I'm untreated anxiety disorder skinny. You know me... watching a dramatic film or reading a cliff hanging book is the sure-fire way for me to drop 10 lbs in a 2 day span.

    That is not natural. That's insanely abnormal.

  2. Hee hee...nice sneak preview for my post tomorrow! You must have been reading my mind. Not that I've seen ya nekkid or anything, but I think you look great too.

  3. Well, Alyssa, I know I've lost half my mind since having kids, so perhaps you have it. Makes sense to me. :o)

  4. Winkle, I think you are adorable. I have insomnia, so sleeping myself skinny wouldnt work for me!

  5. I totally agree with your post! My son is 13 and I've been trying to get the same 30 lbs off since he was born...its all about lack of sleep...I'll help ya with that Sleep Movement...naps for mamas enrolling now =o)

  6. oh man a Sleep Movement sounds awesome to me!! Its definatly a win win situation! Lose weight and get some much needed rest! I'm in!!

  7. Took my over a year to get skinny again after my son was born (he's about 16 months old now) and of course that's relative - not nearly as skinny as I was at 23 - but I'll get there too!


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