Saturday, June 20, 2009

Show and Tell: Ewww!

Today's Show and Tell: Readers Share
Oh the GROSS things kids do... be warned, dear readers... these are gross.

But first, lets break the ice with one by Holly:

My youngest is my gross out child. She'll eat leftover bits of food that have fallen under the table (after they're crusty and gross). And both my kids seem to think the toilet is a really great place to splash around with their bath toys, regular toys and even themselves. Gross in and of itself, worse when my oldest has just used it and my youngest decides to start playing. Oh yeah, happened a few days ago. Ew.

Yes, I agree... ew!

Okay, now on with your stories. Thanks for sharing, everyone!


When my son was about 4 or 5 months old, my husband was playing with him on the couch, bouncing him up and down, holding him high up in the air...all of a sudden I hear this very muffled "hep". I looked over, and my husband's face was completely covered in spit-up. He couldn't open his mouth to talk or he would've gotten a mouthful!

submitted by Leah


We had just moved to our current home and the King Hubby was at work. I had waved to him lovingly as he left that morning because I was on the couch tending to the middle prince who had been puking all night. At 7:30am, the oldest prince came down the stairs, stated that he didn't feel well, and ran to the downstairs bathroom. He managed to cover every inch of uncarpeted floor with vomit as he ran. After getting the oldest settled on the couch, I strapped the princess onto my back in the snugglie and began cleaning up the floor. She then made a strange noise and my hair, neck and back became very guessed it! Right down the back! **I began to question my choice of professions after that day!

submitted by Stephanie


Several years ago, I was cleaning out the van...3 kids, 9, 5, know a Mom never goes into the back of the van, unless there's blood! I had the vacuum, opened up one of those side drawer/armrests, in the very back...turned on vacuum and just as I was getting ready to suck up the dust and grime, something moved. After screaming, shaking and having goosebumps run up my spine, I got the little devils....yep, you guessed it, maggots were chowing down on old peanuts! ooooooooooooooooooooooo---eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

and another story:

My youngest, Alex, has quite the imagination. When he was 3 or 4, we were dying Easter eggs. At that time, he had imaginery friends and named all of them "Phil"...Phil was a household name and represented everything from mandarin oranges to, yep, an Easter egg! Alex decided Phil was too precious to crack, so he took him upstairs to his bedroom. Fast forward 6 weeks...phew, what's that smell? I didn't know dirty socks and underwear could be soooo vile! We cleaned that room from top to bottom, but the smell....ick! Another 2 weeks go by...there was this little jar with a lid sitting on the dresser. I opened it up and there was "Phil". Not looking so great...he was slimey, green, brown, black and taking shapes unknown to man! His aroma was less than desirable. Poor Phil, Alex buried him in the back yard next to Reecey the hamster!

submitted by Denita


When my sister was little she went through a stage of peeing in anything, one day she peed in a cup and left it on the floor, my little brother goes and takes a drink of it and then goes "Mummy this orange juice tastes funny" We still laugh at that one!

submitted by CosmicCreatures


When my oldest first discovered ketchup she dipped EVERYTHING into it. Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, cheese, potato chips and even grapes. It took all of my being not to barf the first time a grape was dunked!

submitted by April


I was keeping my niece when she was about 2 years old. I noticed that she was picking her nose and eating the catch. I said, "Cheyenne, don't do that! You'll get worms!" (Just a tiny scare tactic, LOL) She replied, "It's okay. My daddy has worms."

submitted by PrimitiveArtDeco


When my second son was a month old, he was getting his 2am feeding. As was norm for him, I knew he would be awake for at least an hour or two, so I took this time to exercise and get back into shape. Using him as my arm weight, I held him high over my head, cooing and talking to him, then I would lower him down to my face and give him a kiss. I did this repeatedly and on about the fourth time he decided it was time for that burp he had been holding in to now come out, and with it, most of the formula, right straight into my wide open mouth. That was the last time I used him as a weight.

submitted by Fancy Pants and More


Thanks so much for your contributions!

And I'll end this post with one from me:

The other day, my 2 year old daughter was having a tea party with her dolls.. and I thought, "Hey that's weird. I never gave her a cup of water for the tea..."

And then I realized her dolls were having a tea party with a cup of warm pee.

Kids are so gross!

Next week's Show and Tell theme:
Super Cute and Funny Kidisms

*enter swell of music* "Baby, baaay-bee pockets, king of the wild frontier"
- sung by Holly's daughter to the tune of Davy Crockett
(she also says pickups, instead of hiccups!)




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  1. The maggot story totally grosses me out! Yuck!


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