Monday, June 22, 2009

I'm 2 Years Old, and I'm e.v.i.l.

"Button, button, who's got the button because I want to push it!" This seems to be the internal monologue playing on repeat in my 2-year-old's head. Apparently, Jim and I pushed our luck when we had such an easy going first child, we thought it was a great idea to have another one just like her.

Ryah's favorite thing to do is torment her older sister. We have a split level home and the bottom stairs are gated off at the top. Lately, Ryah has been taking toys right out of Peri's hands and running over and throwing them down the stairs. Then she laughs while Peri screams, "No, Ryah, no! That's Peri's toy!"

At night, the girls will lay in their beds and Ryah will let out a scream and then a hearty laugh. Every time she screams, Peri cries and tells Ryah to stop. Peri has an aversion to loud sounds, and she shares a room with the loudest sound in the house. I can't believe she's only two and knows how to push her sister's buttons and take great delight in doing it.

As for punishing Ryah, I haven't yet found something that will work. I can get her to sit in timeout, but she laughs if I swat her on the butt and repeats everything I say when I'm scolding her.

"Ryah, that was naughty."


"Don't throw Peri's things."

"Don' frow Peri's fings."

"Be a good girl."

"Good girl."

"You're driving me nuts!"



*giggle giggle*

Is it wrong of me to encourage my oldest to pick on my youngest? :oP

The t-shirt is just ironic.


  1. Hmmmmm, that sounds VERY familiar!! I think I'm just going to buy my girls boxing gloves and let them have at it!

  2. lol An evil genius at such a young age... :D

  3. Sounds to me like the notorious "second child syndrome". Merrick is way more high strung that Amelia ever was. He's only one and I'm not sure he ever intends on tormenting her...not yet anyway. He just wants so badly to be big like her. That and I think he realizes his brute strength and uses it to full advantage. What she has he wants...but that seems to go both ways. Right now Amelia knows she is bigger, so she does her fair share of tormenting...but the day will come for paybacks.

  4. "she shares a room with the loudest sound in the house"


    I shouldn't actually be laughing, because I heard the tormenting at work... but it was funny. I have an evil 2nd child, too (as you WELL know) so I sympathize! Once we get them together, they can terrorize all of the kids on the playground together.

  5. Can't say I had an evil 2 year old. My boys are 20 months apart and I had the calm one 2nd (thank goodness). We couldn't punish the youngest one either, there was nothing we could do, say, take away or even reward him with when he was miss behaving. It's so frustrating!! We did finally find something when he was 14!! So don't worry - you have only 12 more years to go! What if you put the youngest to bed before the oldest - would she fall asleep? It's so hard to find a "lever" that works with a 2 year old - sometimes they are just too smart for our own good.

  6. I'm pretty sure my 2 year old is the spawn of satan himself at times, so you're definatly not alone.


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