Sunday, June 7, 2009

Identity Crisis

I'm a mom. A regular mom. I'm no super-mom by any means at all.

We're a good Church going family.
Brayden goes to Sunday School every week and VBS every summer.
I volunteer in the Church nursery.
Brayden plays little league baseball and my husband is an Asst. Coach..
In two years I've never missed a game.
I volunteer for all of Braydens school parties and activities.
I'm a member of the PTO.

That's just the stuff that the world sees. Any real mom would know that underneath all of that there is so much more going on.

Sometimes I let the television babysit the boys.
Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom for a quiet minute or two.
Sometimes we have breakfast for dinner and leftover dinner for breakfast.
Sometimes I stand in the shower until the hot water runs out.
Sometimes I don't want to play Go Fish with Brayden.
Sometimes I absolutely need a moment or two alone.
Sometimes I burn the Grilled Cheese.
Sometimes I count the minutes until bedtime.
Sometimes I'd rather go without milk than make a trip to the grocery store where I know Gage will throw an absolute tantrum over M&Ms.
Sometimes I make mistakes.

That, my friends, is real life. But wait, don't stop there, it gets so much better. It all gets so much more worthwhile.

Some days I get more hugs and kisses than I do poopy diapers to change.
And some day I know those poopy diapers will cease to be a worry in this house as soon as Gage masters the potty.
My awesome husband offers to cook dinner every once in awhile so that I can get a little break. We might be having peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that night, but its a small price to pay for a little peace and quiet.
Every now and again I let the laundry sit and do something for myself instead, even if it means Brayden will be wearing a shirt that's two sizes too small to school the next day.
I have this fancy schmancy dishwasher with a garbage disposal in in that does most of the work for me.
When I lay my head down at night to drift to sleep I know that I am loved. Truly and unconditionally loved.

Life for me is all about reading in between the lines and finding the ultimate happiness in the day to day activities that make up my world.



  1. heehee, I lock myself in the bathroom at least twice a day, or else I'll go nuts. I just sit on the bath mat and regroup for a couple of minutes while the kids tear up the living room.

  2. You've said it perfectly.
    And usually, Elegant is talking to me on the phone during her personal timeouts. I think we save each others sanity. Or we can at least b*tch to someone who can completely relate. :o)

  3. I'm guilty of using the TV and feel bad about it until I realize that I might never get a thing done without it. Locking myself in the potty only works for about 2 minutes because Merrick has discovered how to bang on the door really hard!

  4. I love that you brought us back to being unconditionally loved and reading in between the lines of the chaos. A lot of times I hear women complain about being a mom, but never end it with something like, "but I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything". That's sad to me.


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